Behind the Lens – Nepal: Todd Weselake

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When we commission photographers to produce the images to use in our magazine features we typically expect to receive anything up to 50 images from them. This large selection then gets filtered down to a final collection of maybe 12 or so to be laid out in the feature alongside the text. This is a process done in house and away from the eyes of the person behind the lens. The selection criteria is guided by the text, which may or may not be also produced by the photographer, and often the physical constraints of the design and the number of pages assigned to the feature. The end result is often a situation where the photographer will be convinced we’ve laid out the wrong images at the wrong size – it is the lot of the humble freelancer that their art is often ignored and those dreadful people driving the desks never pick the best images.

In Singletrack Issue 104 we were spoiled for choice with images, as there were two photographers on the trip. Here we bring you Todd Weselake’s pick and story behind the images.

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Words and pictures by Todd Weselake

About The Photographer

Viewing the world through his camera since the late 90’s, Todd has a strong creative sense to his work. His extensive experience shooting everything from action sports and portraits, to editorial and commercial work helps him view the scene from every angle. When he is not behind the lens, he is most certainly out enjoying the mountains on his mountain bike, snowmobile, or travelling to remote reaches of the globe. He says he just stops and shoots when he sees something – he doesn’t ask them to wait, or do it again.  It’s all just as it is.

Instagram:  raveneyephotography


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1000 sec. f/10, 24 mm, ISO 640

Right off the start the culture was prominent.  With so much going on it was hard to take it all in.  Here, Miranda rides her bike through a typical village.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/640 sec. f/7.1, 15 mm, ISO 640

Drainage issues?  Nahhh. Road side waterfalls simply add to the adventures.  There was no way I could let Miranda ride past this one with a quick photo.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1000 sec. f/5 24 mm, ISO 1600

Trying to show all aspects of an adventure can be hard.  I was keen to show the amazing road building happening in Nepal, and felt this and the next shot showed it well.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1000 sec. f/2.8, 24 mm, ISO 1600


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/800 sec. f/4.5, 24 mm, ISO 800

One beer in and the girls can’t contain themselves – colourful hotels and fun attitudes also help.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/160 sec. f/2.8, 38 mm, ISO 800

Steve shows some kids what we were up to.  Even if they didn’t understand they still love the attention.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1000 sec. f/6.3, 15 mm, ISO 500

When you need to take a break to acclimatize you may as well go for a bike ride.  I actually can’t take credit for this one.  I wanted a photo on my camera riding with Miranda, and Kathryn made it happen.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1250 sec. f/11, 15 mm, ISO 500

Suspension bridges.  What would a trip to Nepal be without a photo of one.  This one at the start of a big climb was exactly what i was after, and Kathryn rode it well.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1250 sec. f/16, 38 mm, ISO 1000

As we climbed above treeline, it was time to start getting serious.  The altitude was making the climbing slower and slower, so I decided to get Miranda taking advantage of a little down, in a big up.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/800 sec. f/8, 15 mm, ISO 640

Miranda lines her bike up for a sunset photo shoot above high camp.  At 4500m asking them do “do it again” was out of the question.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1250 sec. f/5.6, 32 mm, ISO 640

Steve and Miranda dropping into the last of the daylight. Got  the shot.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1250 sec. f/5, 70 mm, ISO 250

Miranda and Kathryn riding above 5000m – everything’s hard at this elevation.  Even finding the shot was fairly exhausting.  To see these two riding here is absolutely amazing.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/100 sec. f/2.8, 38 mm, ISO 1250

Steve brings back childhood memories of sink baths.  Only now he doesn’t fit that well.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1250 sec. f/11, 25 mm, ISO 640

Miranda getting dirty in the mustang.  As we left the alpine behind, it was time to explore the desert region known as the Mustang.


Todd Weselake Nepal Issue 104
1/1250 sec. f/5.6 70 mm, ISO 320

Kathryn and Miranda once again being amazing models.  A lot goes into getting bike shots, and these 2 had the patience.  Most of the time…

Kit List

Camera bodies:
Canon 5d mark 3
Sony NEX micro 4/3rd


  • 16mm fish
  • 16-35
  • 17-40
  • 24-105
  • 25-70
  • 70-200
  • 70-300
  • 50mm

MePhoto Tripod
All in Low pro packs.

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