Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos: Colombian Energy Products

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No not those Colombian energy products. Legal ones made entirely of fruit and sugar. Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos come wrapped in a leaf, are 85% Guava, 15% sugar, and nothing else. They have a sell by date set a year after manufacture, but apparently the shelf life is a great deal longer than that. Each block has 45Kcal for your legs (see below for nutrition information).

Lucho Dillitos

Described as a bar and a gel in one, Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos are manufactured in Colombia, and have been tested in 30C Hong Kong heat without breaking down or becoming gloopy. Bocadillos are apparently a traditional cycling food in Colombia, discovered by founder David Guthrie when he was reading about the history of cycling there. They sent this really excellent image:

Colombian rider Ricardo Ovalle being fed bocadillo during the Vuelta a Colombia in the early 60’s. Photo by Horacio Gil Ochoa
Colombian rider Ricardo Ovalle being fed bocadillo during the Vuelta a Colombia in the early 60’s. Photo by Horacio Gil Ochoa

They’re sending us some samples too, but if you have a burning hunger and curiosity right now, they’re available to buy in a few UK shops, as well as online at £16.99 for a box of twelve. Details here.

David: “Colombian energy products?”
Chipps: *raises eyebrow*
Barney: “I’m going to have a lot of fun with Fresh Goods when they come in.”

Lucho Dillitos
They arrive like this.
Lucho Dillitos
…and look like this.

Luchos Dillitos nutrition information

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    I am so disappointed it is not white…

    It looks like tablet but lacks the unhealthiness

    Does it make you think everything you say is awesome even though everyone else thinks you’re talking shit?

    I bought some at the NEC Show, it’s actually quite nice but it’s a bit of a ball ache to eat while riding.

    Tomaso – so ideal for Fresh Goods Friday then!

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