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A rear light isn’t perhaps the most glamorous of products, but it’s pretty essential in my view. Even if you’re wholly committed to offroad riding, the chances are you’re going to need a rear light for road sections linking up the gnar. I like my rear lights to be bright and eye catching, and reliable. Being behind you, it’s unlikely you’re going to notice if it falls off or switches off while you’re pedalling. I also want something that doesn’t need batteries; I don’t care how diddy and cute a light may be, if it’s not USB chargeable I’m not interested. So how does this Dosun LR260 fare?

Dosun LR260 Rear Light

The light shares many similarities with many other LED rear lights: you attach it to your seatpost using a rubbery band hooked onto the light; you charge it using a cable which plugs into a USB socket; it has a range of flashing and not flashing functions. What sets it apart from other lights is the positioning of the LEDs – they curve around the edges of the light, meaning you can increase your visibility from side on if you position the light horizontally.

Dosun LR260 Rear Light

Dosun LR260 Rear Light

The width of light may present some difficulties for some people – you need to get it positioned far enough up or down your seat post so that your thighs don’t catch it as you pedal. If you’ve got a fairly short seatpost and a saddlebag, this might be an annoyance. I’ve also found that when combined with an externally routed dropper post, the width of the light tended to clash with my cables, meaning it’s not the best option for this set up. Another little thing to watch for when attaching it is to make sure you’ve got the plastic tab, which joins the light to the rubber strap, fully inserted. It’s quite easy to twist it out of the rubber holder, and I was lucky to notice the light still clinging on before I realised what I had done.

Dosun LR260 Rear Light

On a fixed seat post however, once you’ve figured out the positioning this is an excellent and very bright light. Sufficiently bright and eye catching that I don’t feel the need to ‘double up’ and use two lights at once – as I almost always do on my commute. Waterproofing appears impressive. I’ve been testing this light in some of the wettest weather on record and it’s still functioning with no signs of water ingress. In my experience this is the downfall of many a rear light and I’m really pleased with how this one has held up. Coatings of mud and general filth have also not caused any problems with the light’s function. The charging point for the light is neatly tucked away in the spot where the light meets your seatpost, minimising the chances of water or dirt getting in this way. The rubber cap which seals off the charging point can be a bit of a fiddle to get out of the way of the cable, but this is a minor annoyance. Helpfully for those of us who never have the right cable in the right place, the charger is the same fitting as many current mobile phones.

Dosun LR260 Rear Light

Dosun LR260 Rear Light
Charging indicator light

So, it’s eye catching and reliable. A winner in my book. That said, there is no warning that the battery is going to run out: you set off and everything is just as bright and flashy as ever; you arrive and there is nothing. You therefore need to remember to charge it fairly frequently; battery life is closer to five hours on flash mode, rather than the advertised six. Given how easy it is to get on and off the bike, and to charge, this is no major hardship, but some kind of indicator would be a useful addition to any future iterations of this light.

Dosun LR260 Rear Light
Well sealed underside

Overall: A couple of design niggles, but on brightness and ability to withstand terrible weather this light is excellent.

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Brand: Dosun
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    Looks good, but not the only light with side visibility. I’ve been using the superb cateye rapid X which has greater than 180 degree visibility. Battery life is short on high though, but similar to this on flash.

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