Rangers Wanted! Blackburn Seeks GDMBR Riders

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There could be gear, a Niner, and a trip to Santa Cruz in it for you… Oh, and it’s nothing to do with Blackburn Rovers. 

Home, home on the range
Home, home on the range

Do you reckon that 2016 could be the year for that big ride along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico?  Are you a social media literate storyteller?  Do you need a little help along your way? Have a few days to visit California on Blackburn’s dime?  Well then! You might be a good Ranger candidate.

All this and more
All this and more

For 2016, Blackburn Design is recruiting six Rangers to go on adventures, field test current and prototype gear, and share their experiences with the wider world. They’re looking specifically for those riding the Pacific Coast (road) or Great Divide Mountain Bike Routes – and if you have the time and desire, this could be a great setup. The program has just been opened up to UK applicants and and, as if the idea of going on a massive ride wasn’t enough, the bonuses are pretty appealing:

  • New and prototype Blackburn gear
  • Fully equipped, beautiful Niner bicycle
  • Helmets, clothing and other gear
  • Participation in Blackburn’s always-lavish 2016 Ranger Camp
  • Travel stipend to help you complete the route

In exchange, Rangers will be expected to deliver photos, videos, blogs, etc. documenting their adventure while representing the brand and its offerings.  Oh, and they’ll be required to attend Ranger Camp in Santa Cruz, California from 11-13 April- with all costs covered(!) by Blackburn.

Marshmallows not included
Marshmallows strongly suggested

From the video above, it’s clear that Blackburn isn’t looking for racer-types- theirs is more of a having fun while exploring vibe.  The application process involves a personal essay, YouTube video, and test of your #socialmedia and “Like” collection skills.  If you have the time, it could well be worth tossing your hat into the ring.

Details and application at:  blackburndesign.com

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