Adam Brayton Gets Raw with Hope’s New Pro 4 Hubs (VIDEO)

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Yesterday Hope showed off their new Pro 4 Hubs with a video, but if that wasn’t good enough, they’ve treated us to even more video goodness – which has well and truly left the office transfixed.

Here’s Adam Brayton testing out the new hubs at the Pila Bike Park in Italy.

Watch, enjoy and be mesmerised:


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    Blimey that bloke can ride!!

    Got to stop watching these nice dry dusty trail edits, its making me depressed.

    Fantastic way to launch a product!
    First the excellent manufacturing vid, then an amazing raw video with unique sound of the hubs ringing your ears.

    The scenery around Barnoldswick has changed!

    Nice video…Will it make me as fast, if I trade in my old pro2’s ?

    Best soundtrack ever…..

    What Wookster said! Strewth…

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