Specialized Announce Teeny Fatbikes (y’know – for kids)

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Fat bikes are figuratively everywhere! And as if to reinforce this notion, Specialized have announced a fatbike which aim to maximise smiles per mile for kids – take a bow, the Riprock!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 17.07.13
The Riprock 24

Available in two sizes (and two colours), with 20 inch and 24 inch wheels, the aluminium-framed bikes both run proportionally huge 2.8in wide Specialized Big Roller tyres, mechanical disk brakes and 7 speed (20inch) or 8 speed (24inch) shifting.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 17.07.25
The Riprock 20

What’s more, both of them come with a suspension fork – 60mm of (extra) cush on the 20inch ride and 70mm on the 24inch. Not bad.

Prices are £350 and £370 for 20 and 24in wheels respectively. More details can be found below:




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    Look great but I wonder what they weigh? Always think weight should be a big consideration on a kids bike that’s why I’m surprised they’ve added suspension forks as well to add to the overall mass

    Nice idea until you see the forks are still on it. Will just be an unwieldy lump. Why can’t some of the bigger producers see that there is a potential market for a more affordable, lighter kids MTB?

    Didn’t they already have the Fatboy 20″ and 24″ for kids. Or is that only in ‘Merica?
    Secondly isn’t fat 3.7″ or more and hence those would be +sized bikes or chubby as we like to call them.

    Yup, they still make the ickle Fatboys… and they have full fat tyres, and rigid forks, just as you good people would expect. These are something else in their insanely huge range in addition to the kids fat bikes…just ignore the title of this news story, go and look at what Speccy make, and things make sense.

    Secondly isn’t fat 3.7″ or more and hence those would be +sized bikes or chubby as we like to call them.

    It’s all relative though isn’t it – I’ve fitted some big 2.4″ to my eldests (he’s just graduated to 26″ wheels, though it looks like a 29er on him) and they look like a + size on that size frame.
    Plus he can run those at 10psi for weeks without pinch flatting. Not quite my experience 🙂

    Awesome. Heavy, slow bikes for kids! perhaps they’ll come with a free bag of sugar so the kids can bulk up too.

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