Review: Stan’s NoTubes Valve Core Remover

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This is better than that.
This is better than that.

Valve core removers.  Not terribly titillating.  Or even interesting for that matter.  After all, most of us–as I did–have a little plastic Presta remover or two floating around in the toolbox- and possibly even a decades-old metal Schraeder valve-cap-stroke-remover in there as well.  I’ll get by with what I’ve got, thankyouverymuch.

But with the advent of tubeless tyres, the ease with which those inflate with their valve core removed, and the periodic need to refresh the ride-saving goop inside, the little core remover that came with every Mavic wheelset over the past fifteen years saw more and more service- and every time it was cursed for being such a pain to find.  For starters, it’s black.  And it’s tiny.  And it likes to hide in small, dark places like the bottom of the toolbox or with the sticky, furry things growing under the workbench.

Easy to find, easy to use.
Easy to find, easy to use.

The Stan’s NoTubes Valve Core Remover is neither small nor black.  In fact, it’s a quite easy-to-locate anodised red, roughly the size of an underfed AA battery.  Being precision-machined from aluminium, it removes or tightens both Presta and Schraeder valve cores without complaint.  For mechanics or anyone with a family’s worth of bikes (or just a family of bikes), it’s a time saver and frustration fighter.  And after years of making do with freebies, I kick myself for not spending the £8 on one sooner.


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Brand:Stan's NoTubes
Product:Valve Core Remover
Tested:by Marc B for Eight Months

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    Only thing that would make it better, imo, is a hole in the middle so you can attach a lanyard to hang it from – it tends to get buried in a drawer quite easily.

    Ooh I like it, I want one!

    Park tool do one which has spanner flats on the side for removing gummed up valve cores and a notch in the side for nipping up road valve extenders.

    Stans were first to market with one though, so fair play to them.

    One of my favorite bits of kit. Wouldn’t be without it in my toolbox.

    £8 better than using pliers?

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