NEC Cycle Show 2015 – Bimp’air

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Barney’s at the NEC in Birmingham, bringing you all the new and hotness he comes across on his travels.

The Bimp’air is a French device which is coming into production later this year, and it’s pretty interesting…DSC_0061

It’s basically a refillable compressed air canister, which generates 11 litres of compressed air at 49bar (49 bar = 686psi). Which seems like rather a lot – it’s easily enough, apparently, to pump up your shock, too, As well as letting you inflate your tubeless tyres with ease, naturally. The canister is hermetically sealed, so it holds the ‘charge’ indefinitely, and it can be recharged in two ways:

This bit converts your wheel’s rotation into something useful…

The first way involves attaching a device to your front wheel, and riding for five minutes. The rotation of your wheel starts the compressor, which charges the canister.

…and this bit pushes air into the canister

Neat. This little lot will set you back €299.

The less labour intensive way of compressing the air is using an electrical compressor:


The electrical compressor and canister will set you back €399.

For more details, click here.

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