Interbike 2015: Borealis & Reynolds Cater To Fat Elite

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If carbon fibre is good, then this much must be fantastic!

1) Light 2) Strong 3) Cheap
1) Light
2) Strong
3) Cheap

Though not their first carbon wheel, Borealis’ new collaboration with Utah-based Reynolds composites takes their wheel game up a notch with the new Elite.  Addressing some lightweight fatbike wheels’ shortcomings when used in rougher terrain (primarily the breaking), the model promises to “deliver an experience that will outshine all others.”

So much muchness!
So much muchness!

The 85/80mm rim is tubeless and hookless- but will need to shed 610g to be truly weightless.  Made in the USA in a unique Boralis-owned mould, the double-walled Elite is approved for all terrain, allowing lightweight fatbikes to live up to their go-anywhere promise.  US pricing is set at $1,000 per rim, $2,300 for the complete wheelset.

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    These intrigue me. As a fat bike user, shedding weight would be no bad thing. However, running tyres at low pressure on rocky terrain inevitably leads to rock strikes on the rim which means they will have to be capable of dealing with rock strikes.

    DrJon has a really interesting post on his blog, drjonswanderings, about his HED carbon fat bike rims where he cracked one and has experienced some “challenges” when trying to deal with the manufacturer.

    I run Surly aluminium rims and have so far managed not to break them despite some fairly hefty rock strikes. I’d love to see how these rims pan out in the real world as a grand to replace would have me rocking gently back and forth in the corner!

    Hmmm… Looks s lot like my Nextie fat carbon rims.

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