Feeling the Urge for a new lid?

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Amaze and detonate!

One for the groms

Fresh on the heels of the awesomely-named Endur-O-Matic 2, Urge have been in touch with an all new, rounder helmet.  Scratch that- it’s a new all-rounder, which makes more sense.  (But the All-In is more round than most Urge efforts.)

Oh, that vent!
Oh, that vent!

As Urge’s price point helmet, the All-In lands with an impressive €49 (£36) RRP.  Looking like a modern evolution of the traditional BMX chamberpot, the All In elevates the form with a micro-adjust retention system, some mild surface profiling, and the company’s trademark windowed peak.  If nothing else, the helmet’s 445g weight is sure to be reassuring to those prone to head-ground impacts.

No overkill here
No overkill here

The All-In’s limited budget has apparently kept some of Urge’s design flair in check- possibly not a bad thing.  Really a good-looking helmet for dirt jumpers, commuters, and the like, the All-In will be available come October in five sizes and four colours.


decade-sports.com (UK)

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    Is that not a just a rebadged Protec / Protec clone kayak helmet with peak on? Massively hot and sweaty….. I can sell you a nice red one for £5, with a few scratches on….

    Does have a touch of kayak helmet, I can also sell one for £5, but I’ll throw in a kayak, the wife would chuffed to see the back of the permanent garden feature 🙂

    But.. but its fashionable to boil yer head!

    I really dislike Urge’s design aesthetic. But that’s OK. I just won’t ever buy one.

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