Eurobike 2015: Orange And Their New Black

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Ladies and gentlemen; Back From The Dead! I give you the all new P7!DSC_0954It’s a completely re-vamped hardcore ripper, unrecognisable from its predecessor – which was last produced around 4 years ago.  You want numbers? It’s made from Reynolds 525 tubing, and comes with a 142×12 back end, ISCG mounts, a 44mm head tube and 30.9 seat tube.

DSC_0957This example has different coloured graphics either side; red on the left and white on the right. We like – what do you reckon?

DSC_0958 Here’s a shot of the red ones.

DSC_0959There’s routing for a stealth dropper, too (and a 73mm BB shell).

DSC_0960Here’s a shot of the Renthal cockpit, which is bolted to a pair of Pikes. The P7 comes with a 65 degree head angle, and the M has a rangy 620mm top tube. They’re available from in sizes from Small all the way up to Extra Large. Tidy.

Orange Crush

DSC_0965The aluminium Crush has been made more modern too – it’s longer, and more slack. It’s designed for a 140mm fork. And the back has gone 142×12.

DSC_0966Internal dropper routing, too. They’re available from £1400.

Orange 324

DSC_0967 (2)The 324 was launched at Ft Bill a few weeks ago, but it’s now available to EVERYONE! £4,200 gets you a RockShox sprung one, and this one with Fox front and back will set you back £4,900.

DSC_0969 (2)

There’s nothing new about the Alpine 160 apart from the paint. And we love this colour; it’s ‘Mountain Mint’, apparently.

DSC_0971 (1)Clockworks are longer now – 20mm in the top tube and the wheelbase. The 27.5 one also benefits from a degree extra slack in the head tube, to knock it down to 67 degrees.

More info from Orange.

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