Double the Enduro! Urge Endur-O-Matic 2

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…as classy and unique as always.

Google Goggle it!
Google Goggle it!

While the look may not be for everyone, it’s hard not to admire Urge’s singularity of vision.  Approaching protection from the French gravity corner of the sport, the company’s 2009 Endur-O-Matic was at the forefront of the increased-coverage trend.  Serving as the brand’s design statement, the original’s close-to-head fit, flexible peak, and unmistakable circular vents served to inform the models that followed.

Breezy but good.
Breezy but good.

Protection technology and best practices move on, however, and Urge have as well.  The Enduro-O-Matic 2 doubles down on the brand’s unique look, with large circular vents and a baseball helmet with tail fins profile.  The new helmet boasts “more protection, more ventilation and comfort, more eco friendliness” and -in their words- “remains as classy and unique as always.”

Once one has embraced the aesthetic, the Endur-O-Matic 2 appears to have a lot on offer.  The low-profile, relatively smooth shell is said to minimise the effect of rotational impacts while the low rear section helps to protect the neck and occipital.  A focus on venturi effects lets cooling air in and hot air out, while an internal “butterfly cage” keeps the helmet together when things go terribly wrong.

Inimitable Urge aesthetic
Inimitable Urge aesthetic

The Endur-O-Matic 2’s Boa retention system helps to keep the helmet in place and the EPS foam is 100% recycled, having been collected from automobile industry waste.  Though Urge claim “4 different sizes” the maths only works when S/M and L/XL shells are combined with provided thick and thin pad sets.  Goggle and eyeglass interactions have also been improved.

The future has come. And it has come for you.
The future has come.
And it has come for you.

In today’s shops, Urge’s trademark look no longer appears as outrageous as it once did.  Over the past six years, much of the mountain bike world has embraced futurism while prioritising protection- no bad thing.  The Endur-O-Matic 2 will be available for model year 2016 and will be priced at £TBC / €149 / $135 / AU$229. (UK)

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    Colour scheme inspired by Optimus Prime.

    colour scheme looks very like old school JT Racing BMX gear from the 80s

    I quite like it. Reminds me of a 90s video game or cartoon character that’s on the tip of my tongue….

    needs to be silver for the full cycberman look from the rear

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