Youth Hosteling With Chris Eubank. Yes really. (VIDEO)

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Here’s a bit of Friday fun for you. After appearing in an Alan Partridge programme back in the last century(!), where he pitches ever-more desperate story ideas (‘Monkey Tennis’ anyone?) the idea of ‘Youth Hostelling… with Chris Eubank’ was born.

Mr Eubank wasn’t aware of the joke and for years has been puzzled why many people would ask him if he’d been to any Youth Hostels lately. Finally, this year, though, he discovered the programme and saw the funny side of it. In fact, he got together with his local Youth Hostel in Brighton and made a promo video for them.

Christopher Livingston Eubank, also known as English, said: “I am delighted to be linked to YHA because I am not an actor and everything seen was most sincere. Indeed, the hostel was splendid, extraordinary and I’m very pleased to be introduced to this youth hostel world of accommodation, which is, for me, an absolute revelation.

“I danced and sang with genuine joy in my heart as is evident when watching the video. With a wry smile, I say this could be a potential case of farewell to the 5 star properties I have known and enjoyed.
“The social media reaction has been fantastic and stupendous and I’m humbled by the overwhelming interest, response and very kind, positive comments. Simply put, I remain humbled.”

Why are we showing you this? Because it’s an idea who’s time has come. Plus we like Youth Hostels – and the Brighton one near some great riding.
Sit back and marvel!

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    Haha brilliant. Not the first one of Partridges suggestion to become a reality “cooking in prison”… Gordon behind bars!

    They’re not deaf offenders?

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