RockShox revamps the Lyrik fork and introduces the Yari

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Rockshox Lyrik

Rockshox’s Lyrik fork, its ‘bigger than the Pike’ fork has been languishing a little for the last year or so as the revamped Pike has rampaged through the trail and enduro bike scene with great enthusiasm. Now, the Lyrik gets its time in the sun with a complete redesign, a Charger Damper, 110mm Boost (and regular 100mm) options and 160-180mm travel for 27.5in versions and 150-160mm for 29ers.

Here’s the Lyrik 275 RC. Travel up to 180mm
Tapered steerer only and 100mm or 110mm Boost dropout versions.

Rockshox says of the Lyrik “Everything you love in Pike in a stiffer, more capable, longer travel option. We built the new Lyrik for the riders who know there will always be more to explore, more to challenge and more to conquer. If it’s out there, they’re going to ride it, and the new Lyrik will always be up to the task.”

You get the idea. It’s the kind of fork that is going to be loved by riders that love to go flat-out, whatever the conditions or terrain, but who aren’t full-on downhill racers.

Here’s the list of the new tech:
15×100 and Boost 110 (15×110) versions
Torque Caps compatible (15×100 and Boost 110 versions) – this is RockShox’ fatter axle ends first introduced on the RS-1 fork last year.
Tapered legs, taller stiffer brace – chassis optimized for stiffness and lightweight
New retuned Solo Air spring with additional negative volume for a plusher initial stroke
Bottomless Token tunable in both Solo Air AND Dual Position Air configurations

SKF wiper seals – lower friction and better sealing
New refined Motion Control damper: Rapid Recovery rebound. Re-tuned high speed compression to match Charger
Lyrik RCT3 Solo Air, all, travels and configurations: £824, US$1,030.00, €1075
Lyrik RCT3 Dual Position Air, all AM wheel sizes, travels and configurations: £888, US$1,110, €1158
Lyrik RC: OEM only
AVAILABLE: October 2015

Rockshox has a patent on writing on stanchions. Did you know that?

Rockshox Yari

Meanwhile, too, there’s a new Yari fork, that offers much of what the Lyrik does: 35mm stanchions and air springs, this time with a Motion Control Damper. Travel starts at just at 120mm (up to 180mm for 27.5in and 160mm for 29ers) and at a less steep price.

The Yari is almost identical to the Lyrik. It’s more affordable thanks to the less expensive Motion Control damper

RockShox says of the Yari: “Yari is for riders who aren’t afraid to go for it. For the ones who don’t know where the limit is, but are prepared to find out. The climbs, jumps, views, and natural terrain these riders encounter might be new to them, but they want to experience it all. Built with the same confidence-inspiring strength and stiffness as Lyrik and featuring the new, refined Motion Control damper, Yari is available in shorter travel configurations (starting at 120mm), making it a perfect complement to any ride.”
Prices: Yari RC Solo Air, all wheel sizes, travels and configurations: £560, US$700 US$, €730
Also available in October 2015

Other forks in the RockShox line have been upgraded too. Here’s what’s what:

Torque Cap compatibility (Boost 110)
Bottomless Token tunable in both Solo Air AND Dual Position Air configurations
Charger Damper (RCT3 and RC models) with new SKF cartridge seal – reduced friction and extended service intervals
SKF wiper seals – lower friction and better sealing
User tunable rebound damping via internal shims (same as BoXXer)

Charger Damper (World Cup and Team models) with new SKF cartridge seal – reduced friction and extended service intervals
SKF wiper seals – lower friction and better sealing
AVAILABLE: August 2015

26in wheels – don’t give up!

And finally, you 26in wheel riders will be sad to hear that there aren’t any plans for a 26in Lyrik – however, there is an aftermarket Charger Damper available for the 26in Lyrik, which should give it most of the benefits of the bigger boys.

And finally, you can now Charger-up your 26in Lyrik!

Upgrade 26in Lyrik models to Charger RCT3 damper performance
Compatible with all Lyrik 26in models up to 170mm of travel, air and coil
Includes complete right side leg internals
Ships with Charger bleed kit
EMBARGO: July 7th, 2015, 9:00am Chicago time/4:00pm Central European Time
AVAILABLE: October 2015
Damper upgrade kit – Charger RCT3: £264, US$330, €344,

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    So pike was the last normal RS fork released in 26″?
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