It’s Fort Bill World Cup Weekend!

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A crack squad of roving Singletrack reporters have escaped to Fort William for this weekend’s World Cup Downhill. And our @stwfortbill commentary is back! If you’re lucky enough to be up there too then swing by the stand and say hi…

This morning’s pit view. Vans, scaffolding and grey, grey skies? Standard. Snow? Not so much – though not that different to 2014.

Don’t miss out on the fun: tune in to the @stwfortbill feed right here.

As well as all the racing action, you’ll be able to chart the slow decline of the editorial team as the threefold challenge of midges, beer and Fort Bill’s legendarily terrible mobile signal takes effect and their concise, erudite punditry disintegrates into a unfettered flood of over-caffeinated sarcasm.

Feel like joining in? Give them a Twitter follow (twollow?) on @stwfortbill

Possibly the best racing view in the world.
Manon and Rachel both punctured in 2014. Who’s going to come out on top this year?
Throw A Whip Brav!!!!
Making an entrance.
Being all pro photographer and ting
We promise to take some in-focus photos this year as well as arty ones
Could have atleast bought a beard
Fort Bill is nothing without its crowd. We’ll see you there!
Hopefully we won't need these.
Hopefully we won’t need these.
Bringing home the bacon. Literally
PS: This is James. He’s manning the Singletrack stand. Please give him a hug/beer/bacon if you see him looking like this.

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