Fresh Goods Friday 213

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Whoa, it’s almost the weekend again. Let’s have some Fresh Goods before we head out to the hills, yeah?

Trek Slash 8

Paid for with real money
Paid for with real money

Our Dan’s been saving up his paper round money to buy himself a shiny new bike for enduroing on. Naturally it’s been test product pimped straight out of the box with a pretty sweet SRAM X1 drivetrain and some Fox 36’s on big hit duties up front.

More Black!
More Black!

Stopping is taken care of by some SRAM Guide RS brakes and there’s a very personal Renthal cockpit too…


Price: £3500 (before pimping)

From: Trek

Hope 29er Tech Enduro Wheels


Nice wheels for a bit of tech riding? Here’s Hope’s Enduro 29er offerings that our James is going to get busy with up and down the valley.

Price: Front £155 / Rear £265

Hope F20 Pedals

Flat black
Flat black

Dave’s started amassing bits for the imminent arrival of his longtermer. He’s going to be going flat out with these F20’s.

Price: £120

Hope Dropper Seat Clamp

Nice gimbal
Nice gimbal

Got a pre-stealth dropper with an unruly hose? Tame it with a nice and neat seatclamp complete with gimbal to keep it in order and out of the way of the back wheel.

Price: £25.00

Hope R8 LED Vision Light

It's ggggR8
It’s ggggR8

Richard’s going to be getting his enduro training in over the winter thanks to the daylight bringing qualities of the R8. He was last heard shouting “Begone night and behold our power” as he headed off over the moors…

Price: £280.00

Hope Lock On Grips

Got grip?
Got grip?

Sticky grippy, erm, grips with neatly hidden bolts and plenty of width.

Price: £25.00

Hope Pro 2 Conversion kits

Like transformers but without earth domination plans

Jamie’s updating his venerable Pro 2 wheels and bringing them up to modern day standards thanks to these conversion kits.

Price: 15mm Front £17.49 / Rear X12 Thru £23.68

All from Hope Technology

Green Oil Green Clean Bike Cleaner

Half empty or half full?
Half empty or half full?

Concentrated plant based bike cleaner that just needs water adding to bring up to strength, helps lower transport CO2 emissions …

Price: £7.99

From: Green Oil

Muc Off X3 Chain Cleaning Kit

Mr clean
Mr clean

As a wise man once said a clean chain is a happy chain.

Price: £30.00

From: Muc Off

Veho Muvi K-Series K2

Lets make movies
Lets make movies

The K2 can record 1080p video at 60 FPS as well as 720p at 120 FPS with a choice of bit rates. Which is more than you can say for the summit it’s named after.

Price: £239.95

From: Veho

Duck Flap Mudguard

What's the bill?
What’s the bill?

Anas’esque plastic protection to keep that mud off your face.

Price: £11

Fix It Stick Replaceable

Multi tool
Multi tool

Small packable toolset and like the boss sang; born in the USA.

Price: £30

Sticky Pod

Pack it in
Pack it in

Neoprene zipped organisers for OCD riders

Price: Small £14.00 / Large £17.00

All from: Gone Biking Mad

That’s it for this week we’re all off to surf the brown wave and slide about on the green bits…

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    For years I’ve waited for a nice picture of a gimbal in FGF and here it is. What a beauty!

    another mucky nutz copy. It’s a good example of how people will jump on someone elses design.

    The fix it sticks looms fairly pointless. For who/when would they be useful? On the trail? Nah big, heavy and limited use (plus flimsy site pouch). In a tool box? Nah I already have better suited tools to cover their use (and cheaper).

    Above should read:
    The Fix It Sticks looks fairly pointless. For who/when would they be useful? On the trail? Nah big, heavy and limited use (plus flimsy shite pouch). In a tool box? Nah I already have better suited tools to cover their use (and cheaper).

    I’m having problems getting my hope grips to grip the bar. Even tightening them to the point where Allen keys have twisted I still get slippage

    Had that trouble with the hope grips too, ended up with a layer of gaffer tape underneath.

    But they’re shit anyway so didn’t last long.

    Liking the dropper post seatclamp – very neat. May just order me one of those.

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