The Issue 93 Cover Shot – what do you reckon?

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Here’s the cover shot from Issue 93 that’s currently dividing office opinion. In the style of Mitchell and Webb we’re asking: what do you reckon?

Nash Masson, Sol Mountain Lodge, Revelstoke, BC

“It’s always been on my list to try and capture a mountain biking image with lightning in it, but the shot had remained elusive and sketchy at best. A trip to Sol Mountain Lodge, B.C. finally presented that opportunity while we were spending a couple days up there riding some of the newly developed alpine trails they’ve been building over the past few years. After a full day of riding and shooting, a big storm was building around dusk and still a way off in the distance. We set out with tripod and lights and started snapping off shots as the light show and storm grew closer. Once I saw this image with Nash’s bright colours streaked across the frame and multiple lightning strikes in the background, I was more than stoked with how the evening turned out.”

Ryan Creary.

For more on what’s in issue 93, click here.

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