KS’ short-travel carbon droppers are here

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And there was much rejoicing (among racers and ‘crossers)

How much travel? That much travel.
How much travel?
That much travel.

Reliable dropper posts are a wonderful development.  While not quite essential, they do make descending more comfortable for a lot of riders while still allowing for good leg extension on the climbs.  Unfortunately, 125mm or more travel is overkill for less-aggressive riders and the posts’ weight penalty has slowed the technology’s adoption among the XC and ‘cross crowd.

With the LEV Carbon and new LEV Ci (Carbon integra), Kind Shock aims to change that.  Featuring a relatively short 65mm of travel and a mast of racer catnip carbon fibre, the two models could even work on big day ‘cross bikes.

'Cross fitment with room to spare.
‘Cross fitment with room to spare.

Each model is available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters.  The internally-routed Ci is said to weigh 436-450g, the externally-routed Carbon 452-466g. For comparison, most competing (full-travel) posts start at 500g.  Pricing, unfortunately, is a carbon-appropriate £480 for the LEV Carbon, with the LEV Ci at £460 when it arrives next spring.



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