Kinetic makes drinking easier

by Marc Basiliere 3


Simple, obvious, useful.
Simple, useful, sensible.

It’s not carbon fibre or titanium, but – as anyone who’s struggled to get their drink out of a funkily-shaped suspension frame will attest – Kinetic’s forthcoming Twenty20 bottle cage should be a very useful thing.  The 38g composite cage (only 10g more than a titanium King) has three sets of holes, allowing its opening to be shifted twenty degrees to the right or left.  Should that funky frame become obsolete, a centre position should allow the Twenty20 to fit any bike in the shed.

Seat tube compatible
A little to the right…

That’s it, really.  Kinetic Green is the obvious enduro choice- but black and white are available for the wallflowers in the audience.  After its versatility, the best part of the Twenty20 is its price:  $15 in the US and £11.99 in the UK.  Kinetic is distributed in the UK by 2Pure.

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  1. Simple solutions to first world problems. We like this.
    I’ll have one also please

  2. one here too. Although, first port of call for me is to see how much spare material there is on my existing bottle cage and whether I’ve got a 5mm drill bit.

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