Fresh Goods Friday 201

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It’s Friday and a weekend of shralping gnar, shreddin’ trails and hitting the sweet spot is calling; so here’s all that’s box fresh in the Tower of Singletrack this week…

 Giro New Road Casual Bike Clothing

FGF 201 Jorji Giro Pertex jacket
In real life, this is very, very, VERY bright..

Jorji models the very-hard–indeed-to-photograph orange wind jacket, 100% Pertex, also comes in gray.

Price: £169

FGF 201 Chipps Slacks tshirt
Heston’s letting himself go

Chipps models (?) the Mobility Trouser (Tailored) and the Ride Jersey. Jersey also available in “China Blue”. Keks available in “Dark Shadow” or “Dress Blue” only – Chipps gets this colour because he’s “special”.

Jersey: £129.99

Trousers: £89.99

Chipps does his best Hunter S Thompson. Which still isn't very good..
Chipps does his best Hunter S Thompson. Which still isn’t very good..

Included because we like the photo: Mechanic Waterproof Jacket over Merino Polo top

Price Jacket: £199.99

Price Polo Jersey: £99.99

All from: Zyro

Whitenosugar Bamboo Tech Tees


Lovely bamboo t shirts that help fund filming projects and more movies. Soft, quick drying and great for riding in.

Price: £25.00 inc P+P

From: Whitenosugar

BellRoy Wallets

FGF 201 Bellroy wallets
Cropped pic to hide trade secrets (or extreme untidiness)

Lovely leather goodness for hiding your cards and cash in.

Elements Pocket: £65

Slim Sleeve £59

Elements Travel £99

Elements Sleeve £49

From BellRoy

Aircast Wrist Orthosis

We can rebuild him
We can rebuild him

Dave’s on a mission to improve his scaphoid and hip bone graft disaster healing times. Off with the old school plastercast and on with the cool vent, wicking and air bag comfort of the Aircast then. Next ultrasound; and lasers!

Price: £59.99

From: Physio Room

Nathan LED Lights

Bright flashy goodness to help you roam the gloam, and stay safe on the roads, kidz…

Jorji's radioactive leg
Jorji’s radioactive leg

Lightbender wraps around your leg and makes it all glowy and visible an’ that.

Price: £20

FGF 201 Lightspur
Tronfoot – you should see a doctor about that…

Lightspur grips to your heel with plastic spiky things and apparently stays put even if you run like a loon (like our Barney, then).

Price: £20

Chipps' tshirt gets the glowy treatment
Chipps’ tshirt gets the glowy treatment

Strobelight clips to clothing or stuff (or hair) and weighs nowt.

Price: £10

All from 2Pure

Torq gels

FGF 201 Torq gels
Aagh! My eyes!

Chipps is doing something ridiculous and stage-racey next week, so he’ll be eating nothing but this stuff for a few days. We don’t envy his laundrette.

And now… Pumps! Anyone would think we’re doing a grouptest…

Birzman Velocity minipumps


Price: £29.99

From: i-ride

Lezyne Pumps


Lezyne Control Drive CO2 pump (£21.99) Alloy Drive (£29.99) and Sport Drive HV (£14.99)

From: Upgrade

Blackburn Mammoth Anyvalve Pump


Price: £19.99

SKS Injex T Zoom


Price: £24.99

Both from: Zyro

Specialized Airtool MTB Flex


Price: £24.99

From: Specialized

Airwave Motion Minipump


Price: £16

From: Hotlines

That’s it for this week! Keep tuned for more fun and stuff next week – we’re off to hit the trails…


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