MET’s Parachute helmet returns

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More protection for more aggression

MET Parachute Trio copy
Which of these looks most enduro?

Long a favourite among the Alps-bound, MET’s original Parachute has become something of a classic.  With its removable chin guard, the Parachute delivered light weight, good enough ventilation for trail riding, and a measure of added protection for especially gnarly days.  Off the market for some time (and never available in the US), an updated Parachute has been rumoured for some time.  This July, it’s finally back.

It’s not holding this guy back one bit.

Seen on Justin Leov at Tweedlove, the Parachute HES  is closely related to (MET-owned) Bluegrass Eagle’s Golden Eyes HES helmet.  Like the Golden Eyes, the new Parachute’s Homothetic Embedded Skeleton (HES) construction partially embeds one shell into each other, reducing the weight of the helmet while increasing its ability to absorb shock.


To the Golden Eyes, the Parachute adds a relatively airy chin guard.  Unlike the original, the Parachute HES’ guard is fixed and now meets US full-face standard ASTM-F1952-2032.  The focus on breathability remains, however, and the result is a sturdier helmet than a detachable guard would allow.  Of course, no modern enduro helmet would be complete without a camera mount- and the Parachute does not disappoint.  MET’s detachable MOPOV (My Own Point of View) kit attaches to the top of the helmet with an Allen key, providing a removable mount for most brands’ adhesive-backed mounts.

Two sizes will be offered: a 54-58cm medium (580g 700g) and a 59-62cm large (630g 740g).  The Parachute HES will be available in the UK from July for £170.

Update July 1:  New weights received from MET

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