Grippine pedal sleeves add traction to slick pedals

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Tacky townie treads…

Compatible with high-heeled shoes and boots
Compatible with high-heeled boots and dress shoes

Designed by Sovrappensiero Design Studio, Grippine are flexible silicone shells that “guarantee a firm grip and adhesion” when used with the sort of plastic pedals often seen on urban runabouts and pub bikes.  Hailing from Milan, they also add a fashionable touch of colour.

No mechanic required
No mechanic required

Intended for casual use rather than mountain biking, the grippy sleeves should provide dressier shoes and boots a good deal more purchase than plastic pedals alone, making the ride to work or back from a night out somewhat less treacherous.  They should also save nicer shoes from the abuse inflicted by BMX-style traction pins.  Initial prototypes featured a hard plastic underlayer- but Sovrappensiero found that the simpler design seen here was nearly as effective and much easier to install.

All of the colours of the enduro rainbow
All of the colours of the enduro rainbow

While Grippine’s durability under frequent use is an open question, the idea of being able to de-slipporise plastic pedals quickly and without tools is appealing.  That said, the €19 price might be on the high side- with two weeks left on (Italy’s Kickstarter), the project has only raised €365 of its €10,000 goal.

eppela project page

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