Fresh Goods Friday 194

by 18

Here’s this week’s helping of the freshest fresh goods to hit the ST doormat this week…

Canyon Spectral Al 8.0


Blacker than the blackest corner of a cupboard in Blacko, with your eyes shut. The Canyon Spectral AL 8.0 is 140mm of full suss with “anti squat kinematics”  aimed at the “diverse requirements of various biking disciplines”. We like that, it sounds like a bike to ride wherever you want.

Full 2×10 XT drivetrain, DT Swiss One wheels and a stealth reverb make up a tasty  component package.

Gloss on Matt
Gloss on Matt

Price: £2,299.00

From: Canyon

 Wingnut Hyper 2.5

Is it hyper?
Is it hyper?

Keep your load low and stable with a Wingnut. The Hyper 2.5 keeps things hip height and handy.

Price: £74.98

Wingnut Assault

Ass ault
Like a man bag for yo ass

A minimal pack for fast and light rides.

Price: £49.99

From: Rough Ride Guide

Scott Trail Pack TP 10

Beam me up
Beam me up

A pack with space for two bottles, for quick blasts after work. Or running, but why would you do that?

Price: £49.99

From: Scott Sports

Mavic Crossmax Hydropack 15

It's the ENDURO stupid
It’s the ENDURO, stupid

Mavic’s Crossmax Hydropack 15 has all the space you need for a long day in the enduro office.

Price: £110.00

From: Mavic

Magura MT8

Carbo loading
Carbo loading

Full carbon levered disc brakes from Magura that use Carbotech and Carbolay for maximum use of carbo points.

Price: £299.00

From: Magura

That’s it for this week we’re off to Kirroughtree for a bit of PMBA Enduro action. See you on the flip side…

Comments (18)

    Bent tubes just look soooooo wrong.

    That’s one fugly bike. Like the look of the Trail Pack, though. For running 🙂

    Looks like Wingnut have re-invented bum bags.

    What size is the Canyon? Have heard great things about that bike.

    To me the Spectral looks like the off spring of a Mondraker Foxxy and a Planet X Dirty Harry.

    Broke back mountain bike…

    “It’s the enduro, stupid” is a great line. Sad that nobody let themselves go this week

    The Canyon is a Large, bikingben.

    “It’s the enduro, stupid” is a great line.


    Sad that nobody let themselves go this week

    Richard’s off today…

    Are the new Magura’s any good as my MT’s are rather rubbish and significantly worse than the Carbon Bat Louise’s they replaced which were again worse than the Louise FRs that they replaced. Actually, how good are the MT7’s???
    And is that per pair or per end?

    “Looks like Wingnut have re-invented bum bags.”

    Been around for ages, but distributor disappeared and owner got into other projects (as I understand it).

    Great bits of kit. Not dissimilar to a bumbag, but probably more like webbing so nearly everything you need is easy to get to and heavier loads sit nearer your core muscles.

    You also don’t bang your helmet on them while going down steep descents.

    (Yes, I’m a fanboi :))

    The black Canyon bike needs pikes/revs with the black stantions.
    Then it’ll be black enough for my bike collection.

    £110 for a small thin plastic rucksack? Really?

    Are Canyon frames designed by the guy who does Mondraker? Looking at the Spectral there are a lot of similarities.

    I’ve been waiting for these new Maguras to be available to buy – lots of adverts but no one has stock.

    Those MT7’s look lush 🙂

    Frustrating when you go on Fresh Goods, see something you like then can’t get it! Liked the look of the Wingnut pack…sold out in every colour having followed the link 😐

    Our Wingnut pack came from the US, nuke, because they’re sold out in the UK. I hear there’s more on the way though.

    I’ve had a Wingnut for the last 3 years and I wouldn’t use anything else now. Comfortable, stable and easy to get stuff out of without having to take it off all the time.

    Wingnut loks like a great bit of kit but will it take any sort of resevoir – maybe a camelback waistpack one?? Anyone use one with hydration capability???

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