BTR Push For The Pinner

by Dave Anderson 6

 We’ve been waiting since Bespoked to see this crowd funding launch, here’s the #pushforthepinner news…

BTR crowd fund their first production full suspension frame, the Pinner on

Proto Pinner at Bespoked
Proto Pinner at Bespoked

Small UK bicycle frame manufacturer, BTR Fabrications, have today launched their Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund the production of the initial batch of their first full suspension frame, the Pinner. The Pinner is built from steel and features BTR’s ideal blend of trail bike responsiveness, endure bike versatility, and downhill bike durability.

“The idea behind the Pinner was to build the most fun bike possible…I’d say we nailed it!” – Tam

BTR is still a pretty small company compared to what most people are used to in today’s market, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as determined to get it done, and by ‘it’ I mean a production full suspension frame. In order for the boys to sell this frame at a reasonable price they need to produce the frame in batches of 10, and the only way they can do this at the moment is to pre sell the first batch on Kickstarter. Once the initial batch has been sold BTR will be able to carry on producing the frames under its own steam.

Final design
Final design

This project has been in the making since May 2013, from Tam’s initial design, to prototype testing, to finished design ready for production. It is the bike they wished existed, a “go anywhere trail destroyer” – Tam. All Kickstarter rewards are cheaper than their normal retail price, and they include extras, like a workshop tour where you can be involved in the making of your frame with tuition from Burf, or a special mention on the website.

“Here you will be forever remembered as one of the people that brought the Pinner to life” – Burf.

If you really want to see the Pinner out there on the hills but can’t afford a frame right now, we are taking deposits for the second batch of Pinners, and there are cheaper rewards like t shirts or trail tools, all of which include the special mention!

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.23.27

The Pinner will of course feature BTR’s trademark ‘X’ gussets, Which are the best way to increase stiffness and strength while minimising stress concentrations and weight. Not only that we think they look awesome. There will be three sizes available as standard, but as usual the BTR boys are able to customise the sizing and geometry to your specific needs. Get in touch with them before you make a pledge, in this case, to determine the final price.

The campaign closes on Sunday 13th July, 20:00 GMT, and remember this is an all or nothing attempt to bring this bike into production. If the funding goal on Kickstarter is not reached, no money will be taken and the Pinner won’t make it into production.

Key points:

• BTR is a small UK company consisting of two who friends who design and hand build MTB frames in Frome, Somerset

• This is their first production full suspension frame, the Pinner

• The bike they wished existed, a go anywhere trail destroyer

• 140mm linear progressive rear travel, enduro style geometry and DH bike strength

• Cane Creek DBair with a custom base setting dialled in by Cane Creek USA

• ZS44 head tube, 142×12 dropouts, 31.6 seat tube, and ISCG05 mount

• The frame consists of Reynolds 631 and 4130 tubing and is Tig welded in house

• Signature ‘X’ gussets

• Designed by Tam

• Fabricated by Burf

• BTR need to launch via kickstarter in order to sell the frames to you at a reasonable price

• The initial concept design was made in May 2013 and two prototypes have been in testing for 8 months

• Pledges start at £20 for a t shirt and special mention and go all the way up to £4000 for a Pinner frameset including Nukeproof Warhead headset and 150mm RockShox Pike RCT3, TBA Standard framebuilding course with Burf as your tutor, and Pinner t-shirt. BTR will cover the cost of materials for your course and powder coat the frame you build too!

• Custom geometry available

• £2200 exclusive Kickstarter price (UK retail £2500)

• The campaign launched today, Tuesday 10th June

• The campaign ends on Sunday 13th July, 20:00 GMT

• Kickstarter runs an all or nothing policy. If the funding goal of £16000 is not reached, no money will be taken

• We are using the hashtag #pushfortheppinner to keep everything linked on the social media.

Pinner Features

• 26in wheels

• Reynolds 631 mainframe, Columbus swingarm

• 150mm fork

• ZS44 head tube

• 31.6 seat tube

• 142×12 dropouts

• ISCG05 guide mount

• I.S. rear disk brake mount

• Designed and hand built by Burf and Tam in Frome, Somerset

• 3 sizes

• Double butted seamless tubing throughout

• Tapered chain and seat stays

• Sealed frame, no external breather holes

• Dropper post cable guides

• Choice of colours

• Hollow aluminium rear axle

• 2 year limited warranty

• Crash replacement policy

Optional Features:

• Integrated seat clamp

• Maxle rear axle

• No ISCG05 mount

• Custom serial number

• Custom Geometry

• Nukeproof Warhead headset

Comments (6)

  1. It’s a curious target demographic, you’ve got to have a lot of faith in them to blindly bid £2200. In all honesty I’d be more interested if they’d made them out of cheap aluminium or Reynolds 520.

    Probably not interested enough to bid over £2k on a 26″ wheeled frame mind.

    Good luck to you though! Lovely looking bike and I see you don’t need to sell millions to make it happen.

  2. Didn’t the proto have a Lawwill rear on it?

  3. “140mm linear progressive rear travel…”

    Linear AND progressive? Brilliant…

  4. @Toasty, its a big ask, we’re well aware. I cant stress enough how much attention and time we’ve put into the design and testing, and how proud we are of the result! How come you’d prefer it to be made from cheaper materials?

    @Nickc, the bike we made with a Lawwill back end was a 1-off custom frame. Rather chuffed with how it turned out too! The Pinner prototype is the green/black frame pictured above.

    @Rickos, linear and progressive aren’t mutually exclusive:
    I think youre confusing ‘linear’ (uniform progression, regression or flat leverage) with ‘flat’ (neither progressive or regressive; no change in leverage ratio).


  5. OK. I see what you mean now. Doesn’t the industry generally use linear to mean flat though? Or have I been getting that wrong all these years?

  6. “the bike we made with a Lawwill back end was a 1-off custom frame. Rather chuffed with how it turned out too!”

    So am I, still puts a smile on my face every time I ride it 😉

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