2015 Genesis sneak preview: The Longitude

by Chipps 8

The Latitude is already one of Genesis’ best known bikes. A very British steel hardtail built for exploring the trails.

For 2015, Genesis is set to introduce a logical stablemate – the Longitude. A bike for getting out and adventuring.  It’ll take a 29+ tyre front and rear if needed and as many racks as you can fit.

These are just photos of the first raw sample, built up to show tyre clearance with a 29 x 2.4in tyre on a 35mm rim. So not quite 29in+, but what Genesis reckons makes a great all round compromise of weight, volume and speed. A full 29x3in tyre will fit if you want to go fully big.

Here’s what the brand manager Albert Steward says of it:

“The Longitude is in some ways the spiritual successor to the Fortitude – a half-fat, bikepacking/adventure-ready, fully rigid 29er with versatility in spades! With a playful, long-n-low geometry the Longitude should be just at home zipping through the singletrack as is it fully loaded exploring mountainous backcountry. Centred around Alex Rims’ new Supra35 rims (35mm wide/600g/welded/tubeless-ready) rims and Continental’s voluminous 2.4in X-King tyres, the Longitude should hit a nice balance of increased tyre volume and unrestricted gearing options in an all-round lightweight package.”

Test run of 2.4in on 35mm rims.


Enough clearance for you?

“The 35mm rims work wonders for 2.4in tyres and never more so, on a fully rigid bike; they improve the overall profile, fully maximise the available volume, allow for a larger tread contact patch and let you run lower pressures (21-25 PSI) for improved comfort and grip (without the risk of pinch flats). Sure, they’ll add a bit of weight but improvements in traction, cushion and float out on the trail far outweigh (‘scuse the pun) any small weight gain. For those wishing to go the whole-hog, the frame and fork will happily accept 29+ tyres (29×3.0” on 50mm rims), but you’ll be confined to 1x/2x setups due to tyre/chain clearance.”

The fork is non-suspension corrected to give a lower front end and to allow thinner tapered blades. It also allows a fork built with a 50mm offset for good low speed handling.

Asymmetric back end. Flat plate is the key to big clearance.


Multi purpose dropouts

The Longitude will be offered as a complete bike, with Shimano’s made-for-29er 40/30/22T triple chainset and an 11-36T cassette. The potential for 30 gears is to allow for true on/off road touring ratios. If you run a 29er+ 3.0in tyre on a 50mm rim, it’ll fit, but you’ll be more limited in your gear options. As it is, there seems to be a huge range of gearing for little downside.

There are full outer cable runs, many many bosses and a sliding dropout to allow singlespeed or geared uses. There’ll also be a new backsweep (20° ‘Alt’ handlebar) and finally, TRP’s brand new Spyke mechanical disc brake with clever dual-piston action (no static slave pad = better pad/rotor clearance, no rubbing and easier setup) for easier middle-of-nowhere serviceability and repairs.

As Genesis says “Fully loaded and expedition-ready!”

There are other new bikes hinted at for the new Sportline show in early July, including a big-tyre drop bar adventure (dare we say ‘gravel’? No, probably not) bike.





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  1. Is there going to be a frame only option? Any idea on the colour scheme yet?

  2. Many Genesis bikes are offered as frame-only, like the Caribou and the High Latitude, so I’d keep ’em peeled. No word on colours yet.
    And talking of the Caribou, I hear it comes down in price next year thanks to speccing some non-Surly branded components

  3. Well done Genesis, looking good. Hope it’s as sweet as my Fortitude single speed has been 🙂

  4. Ooh, this looks very interesting. Just hope I like the colour 🙂

  5. Rear brake fixings on both sides? Not sure I see the purpose of that.

  6. Those are rack-mounts, not disc mounts 🙂
    The rear disc caliper will fit inside the rear triangle.

  7. With Alfine 11 hub compatibility? Would make it a great Winter hack

  8. in early July, including a big-tyre drop bar adventure (dare we say ‘gravel’? No, probably not) bike.

    like the sound of that

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