Premier Exclusive: Inside Knolly Bikes.

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For issue 89’s Premier Exclusive, Marcus Farley recently caught up with Noel Buckley, owner and designer of Knolly Bikes.

In an in-depth interview they discuss Knolly’s new 27.5in-equipped Warden, as well as Buckley’s future plans for his brand, design philosophy and famous ‘Four by 4’ suspension system used across his range of bikes, from the Podium downhill and freeride bike to the Endorphin trail bike. They also discuss what it’s like working with three of the best and in-demand freeriders on the planet – Ryan Berrecloth, Garett Buehler and James Doerfling…

Interview by Marcus Farley. All images copyright Margus Riga.

Linden Finiak, c.. Margus Riga
Linden Finiak, Knolly team rider, puts his new ride through its paces.

MF: Who is Noel Buckley? How did you get into making frames and what’s your bike building philosophy?

NB: I’ve always had a love for the outdoors since I was very young. I started riding on the Vancouver North Shore with friends in the early ’90s while at university. In the early ’00s, I broke my arm badly while riding. I needed three surgeries to get it to heal properly, which meant that I was on and off the bike over the following three years. That left me with a lot of down time, so I started designing my own frame because ultimately none of the bikes that I was riding met my needs as a rider.

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Thanks to Marcus Farley, Margus Riga and Noel Buckley,
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