Midweek Mini Movies 200

by Dan 0

What time is it? That’s right it’s Chico time. Oh no! Wait, its Midweek Mini Movie time.

Tune in, brew up and slack off to this week’s finest selection of two wheeled distraction from the daily grind…

Ride Portugals latest track Mac10

Ride Portuals new training track Mac 10 in the Algarve Portugal with team Nukeproof, Chain Reaction riders. This track is now open, its super fast with some of the usual Ride Portugal gnar!…

The Formula for Success – On Track With Curtis Keene – Ep 2

In episode 2, Curtis heads to the Montenbaik Enduro, set in rugged and unforgiving mountains of Nevados De Chillan, Chile. The first three stages of the Enduro World Series have been nothing but brutal to his body and pride, bringing him down to 49th place overall on the EWS. As illness and injury begin to plague fellow racers, Curtis focuses on getting healthy, keeping pace and riding fast, the only true formula for success.

GoPro: Danny MacAskill Sunday Ride

Cruise with GoPro Athlete Danny MacAskill on a “Sunday Ride” through the streets of Glasgow, Scotland.

Yak Attack – The highest mountain bike race on planet Earth

The Yak Attack 2014 Mountain Bike Adventure Race. Filmed and edited by GauravMan Serchan – gauravman.com/ during the 2014 NorthFace Yak Attack – theyakattack.com

GoPro: MTB Backflip Over Truck – Kelly McGarry

Athletes Kelly McGarry and Aaron Chase shred the backwoods of New Zealand and backflip over an incoming truck.

Objetivo Acatenango: a 4,000m ride with Fabien Barel in Guatemala

Ten days of riding in Guatemala, going up and down the 3,976m of Acatenango volcano with a triple world champion – this was the trip of a lifetime for Rodolphe, lucky winner of the Julbo Ride Session. Runs in spectacular landscapes plus technical and varied terrain… A fantastic trip that will give you itchy feet!

 Jack Moir #rallyrolla

We caught up with Jack Moir at home, between the world cups. Jack recently placed 11th at Cairns, his best result yet and surely many more results to follow suit..


How to do this

Step 1: Improve your techique and accuracy
Step 2: Find you plumpest friend and talk it with him seriously.

Step 3 : Find the way to record it and stay forever in the story of mankind…..

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?