Endura Xtract: big rain protection, small package

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Jacket or Irn Bru?  You decide…


Packing into a sack “the size of a can of Irn Bru,” Endura’s new Xtract is a waterproof/breathable jacket that shouldn’t be too much to bring along ‘just in case.’  Built of a lightweight ripstop fabric, the Xtract is rated waterproof to, for the fabric geeks in the audience, 5,000mm and breathable at 5,00g/24hrs/m2.  The rest of us will be excited its soft feel and minimal features including reflective hits, a fill-length zip with storm flap and pull garage, and back vents.

The size of a soda (if soda came in bags)
The size of a can of pop
(if pop came in bags)

With its included stuff sack, the Xtract looks an ideal candidate for the ‘pack jacket’- not something chosen specifically for rainy days but one that’s unobtrusive enough to have along just in case the skies decide to open.  If the cut is anything like Endura’s Pak-a-jak, it’ll work as well on the road and commute as it does on the trail.  Men get to choose from black, red, and hi-viz yellow colours; women from black, ultramarine, and hi-viz pink.  Find it in shops for £55.

Blue- but not at all sad.
Blue- but not at all sad.


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    Looks like a slightly more minimal Helium, which I loved.

    Forget that, the Helium is rated as 15000mm to the Xtract’s 5000mm.

    Would be interested in people’s opinions of thin pack away jackets like this…? Would you use them? Do you think £55 is a fair price for what it is? Any opinion appreciated – cheers (Chris @ exempt)

    No I don’t think £55 is good value. Regatta pack away jacket £19 and no doubt there are other brands in all good outdoor shops at similar prices.

    Not good value for a pacaway, but judging by the price of cycling kit relative to other sports I’m not too surprised

    £55 is a ripoff but there are people who will be stupid enough to spend that kind of money on it..

    Chris- definitely interested.

    Really good to see clothing manufactures (Exempt) asking for real world opinions, makes a change. I think when you consider what some companies charge for a simple riding jersey £55 isn’t too over the top…If the product works!! Meaning it keeps you dry as as best a pack away can, has good features that are functional and not just gimmicks then yes I’d pay £55.

    Got soaked last night wearing a showerproof jacket so shopping for a pak away waterproof jacket this morning…looks interesting…£50 ish my spend limit

    well the 5,000 mm spec is right on the borderline of showerproof & waterproof, so it’s not going to be great

    I love the idea of a well-fitting, compact jacket that’s breathable enough that I’ll pull it on for cool mornings and light showers- not just downpours. An Endura Pakajak has been living in my Camelbak for two years or so and I’ve never regretted having it along.

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