Throwback Thursday: Armchair Warriors

by Dave Anderson 0

Before the internet (and that seems like a long while ago now) If you were into a scene, the only real way to keep in touch was via magazines, or if you had a particularly vibrant thing going on, maybe some photocopied fanzines.

I’ve always been a magazine addict and I’ve spent countless thousands, spent on skateboard magazines, outdoor magazines and, of course, mountain bike magazines. It’s hard to remember quite how isolated your own scene could be compared to today – forgetting websites and forums, how on earth did we manage to organise rides without the power of texting?

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I’m writing this while waiting for a video to upload and this thinking of my past means I’ve been YouTubing old skate vids and I’m always the first to check Flickr post-ride if someone has had a camera with them while we’ve been out. Imagine having to wait for the film to be developed, imagine not being able to see the picture in that viewing screen straight after the shot?

I like instant gratification as much as the next person but I miss the wait. I have no self-control when instant is on offer, which is why I’ll always love riding. It’s never going to get easier and there are still no short cuts. Ups will still be ups and downs will still bloody me when I get them wrong – only now I’ll also be able to see it over and over again on Vimeo.