A nice, rad hardtail: Niner’s purple ROS 9

by Marc Basiliere 11

Purple for the people…

X1-equipped funderbike
X1-equipped funderbike

We don’t usually throw out production bikes for our informal nice, simple hardtail series, but given the reaction among the Singletrack crew over Niner’s new purple ROS 9, we thought we’d make an exception.

Bash 'em if you've got 'em
Bash ’em if you’ve got ’em

Introduced last summer, the ROS 9 (Rolls Over Sh*t… 9) is Niner’s fun, hoonable trail hardtail.  Relaxed geometry and 120-140mm forks forgive imprudent line choices while short chainstays keep things from getting too unwieldy.  The BioCentric bottom bracket is compatible with geared or singlespeed drivetrains and has tabs for (proprietary) bashguard mounting.  Routing is provided for both internal and external dropper posts- because it’s good to have options.

Niner ROS9_3_960x540
Purple + fluoro = love?

A 12mm Maxle thru axle keeps that rear end tight and the brake is tucked out of harm’s way between the stays.  Keeping things real, the ROS 9 is welded from dent-resistant from 4130 CrMo tubing.  One of the first bikes we’ve seen so spec’d, the ROS 9 will be shipping in July with SRAM’s entriest-level X1 1×11 drivetrain, colour-matched RockShox Pike 140mm fork, Shimano Deore stoppers and a RockShox Reverb dropper.

Pricing is £900/$900 for the frame in purple, blue, or – for the look of a raw frame without the visible rust – a subdued steely grey.  X1 build kit pricing has not yet been announced, but should come in on the near side of the Xo1 model’s £3,800.



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  1. Lovely colour, shame about the price.

  2. Lovely, doesn’t stand up to a solaris in value though

  3. Lovely frame. Looking at the alternatives though, it really is overpriced by about 400 quid. Looking at the Niner US site they have MSRP as $899, which would be a lot more reasonable and in line with it’s competition. Crazy dollar to pounds conversion by Jungle yet again!

  4. As comments above… you could get a custom frame in a better tubing for the same/similar money, and £3,800 for a full build is crazy money compared to the killer deals on sensibly spec’d hardtails out there. I’m sure some people will still buy it though!

  5. Crazy price. I just built a money no object Privee Shan ( itself not a cheap frame at £499) and at retail prices for all the Hope and XTR bling I smothered it in, still only came to £2200

  6. Dent resistant 4130? Thick walled plain gauge gas pipe?

    One of these or a complete 45650B made from similar tubing? Hmm.

  7. I really like the look of Niners, but it’s hard to get past the ‘how much!?’ factor.

    That and the association with Dubya.

  8. Another how much?
    For that money it ought to be made from R953?

  9. crazy money – but this is a hardcore trail bike, would 853 etc steel not be a bit too light and pingy?

    ps see also Canfield Nimble 9, Singular Buzzard

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