Garmin raises the bar with new Edge 1000

by Marc Basiliere 6

Navigation, text messages, virtual racing, oh my…
Edge1000_HR_1954.2Showing this week at Sea Otter’s race-stroke-expo, GPS powerhouse Garmin has raised the bar with their latest computer, the range-topping Edge 1000.  Building upon many of the navigation and training features in existing Edge 810 and Touring models, the Edge 1000 adds some interesting smartphone connectivity and Strava-esque “segment and leaderboard capabilities,” helpfully including on-screen notification of upcoming starts and finishing points.

They don't call it "Edge" for nothing.
They don’t call it “Edge” for nothing.

While UK-specific details are not yet available, the Edge 1000 is said to come preloaded with maps and points of interest, including parks and trails.  At least on pavement, turn-by-turn directions will be provided; either direct and more cycle-friendly routes.

Integrating with the rider’s smartphone, the Edge 1000 actually has the ability to display incoming call notifications as well as – for iPhone users – text messages.  As with the 510 reviewed in Issue 87, those at home can follow the ride in real time, handy for 24-hour pit crews and keeping tabs on a partner’s solo backcountry adventures.

Edge1000_HR_1923.4Those who train properly won’t be disappointed with the Edge 1000’s full compliment of data gathering capabilities.  Garmin ANT+ speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors are all supported.  Power data is also collected (both single- and dual-channel) and “Edge 1000 is the first Garmin bike computer that is compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems to display current gear on the screen.”  Planned software updates will allow for a horizontal screen orientation in addition to the standard vertical setup.

The Edge 1000 is scheduled for Spring 2014 delivery (early May is quoted) at a suggested UK price of £439 and £499 (US retail price of $600; $700 for a bundle including HRM3 and new speed/cadence sensors). More from Sea Otter as the week progresses…

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  1. So close to a smartphone that you’ll wonder “Why don’t I just use my smartphone?”

  2. (Probably) because it’ll work properly with gloves, be properly waterproof/robust and have a decent battery life. I’m just hoping it’ll make the older models cheaper. 😉

  3. Oh and the screen might be big enough now to actually use the map?
    #wishing I had never bought the 810!

  4. Even less chance of getting the bugs fixed on the existing models now 🙁

  5. Just one little little think the bracket it it clips on to is poor .. Not very secure at all 🙁

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