Another Nice, Normal (?) Hardtail: Orange-y Moots

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Love it… or hate it?

Matchy matchy...
Matchy matchy…

Every six months or so, images of this pumpkin-themed 2012 Moots MootoX RSL make the rounds- and variously sets hearts aflutter and raises blood pressures.  Those of us who survived the matchy-matchy early ’90s seem to be the most torn- but there is just something about a fanatically-matched, unlimited-budget build.

Brake Force One, German A, AX Lightness, oh my.
Brake Force One, German A, AX Lightness, oh my.

With the look of a neuveau-Amp, the German-A Kilo fork is the most striking piece of kit here, with its orange linkage only serving to draw more attention.  As if that was needed.  The AX-Lightness carbon fibre saddle come straight from Bavaria to frighten more substantial riders while the sight of BrakeForce One brakes will likely cause flashbacks for anyone who has experienced their hesitant braking first hand.

We don't see enough hydro shifting. Shame about the zip tie, really.
We just don’t see enough hydro shifting.
Shame about the zip tie, really.

The dual-port cable routing for Acros’ A-GE hydraulic shift system is a nice touch- let down only by the zip tie used to keep its hoses out of the drivetrain.  Still, the system’s performance is as slick as slick can be, supported by equally impressive design and machining .  While suspicious in nearly any other context, Dugast tubulars somehow make sense in the context of what is a very, very Euro build.

Obvious investments of time and money aside, this build isn’t for everyone.  But the execution is difficult to fault and who among us doesn’t piece together similarly extravagant fantasy builds in preparation for a big lotto win?  From Moots’ blog.

Comments (16)

    The definition of ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’.

    Much change from €15,000?

    I can’t concentrate on this bike.
    My eyes just flit from one bit to another.
    oooh look at that bit.
    but oooh look at that bit.
    oooh orange bit.
    oooooh linkagey bit.

    I normally like a nice Moots. That is gopping.

    Cheap Egg Beater 2s? Could’ve got some 11s with custom orange bits!

    If it was a nice purple colour…

    am loving the shock position vs. any mud

    I’d give a kidney for it

    lol’ge at the zip tie near rear mech. Amateurs.

    Moots no! Preston fork nightmare all over again!!

    parallel universe bike wha whe wtf.
    hmm hydraulic gears eh.
    no weirder than electric gears.
    or electric eels.

    The blue logo on the handlebar ruins it.
    And it needs rack mounts for C2W.
    Like the zip-tie though: keep it real.

    And the cardboard toilet roll inner at the bar/stem is a bit of an afterthought.

    I like.
    I don’t know why, i just do…

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