Shimano jump into action cam fray

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CM-100 Sport Camera
CM-1000 Sport Camera

Billed as the first product from the Japanese component brand’s “Lifestyle Gear Division,” the CM-1000 action camera is targeted at Shimano’s cycling, fishing, and rowing customers.  Smaller than a deck of cards, the 86g camera weighs about half as much as most stems, which should make for easy on-bike and unobtrusive helmet mounting.  Where most cameras require a separate enclosure to fend off water, UK riders will appreciate the naked camera’s 10m IPX-8 waterproofness rating.

Shimano claims powerful, brilliant images and good low-light performance (sample video here) thanks to an F2.0 bright lens and a 16MP back-illuminated CMOS image sensor.  Standard 135° and super wide 180° field modes are offered and the lens can be rotated in 90° increments to accommodate different mounting positions.

Out of the box, the CM-1000 allows for live viewing, playback, and adjustments via custom iOS and Android apps.  For the data junkies out there, ANT and ANT+ connectivity allow the camera to record power, speed, and even Di2 shift data alongside audio and video.

Shimano SportCamera accessoriesThe camera ships with a lens cover, adhesive mount, and vented helmet mount as well as a USB cable and quick-start manual.  In addition to the iOS and Android apps, video editing software will be available for both Windows and Mac OS and include fisheye compensation and the display and integration of that ANT/ANT+ data on finished videos.  A handlebar, chest, cap, and flexible mount will also be available aftermarket.

The CM-1000 will be shipping to most European countries in May.  Interestingly, the UK is not listed- perhaps because of importer Madison’s distribution of competing GoPro cameras.  More information on the CM-1000, UK availability, and this new Lifestyle Gear Division as we have it.

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    Thanks shimano, but what about something more useful like, err, I dunno, a wide range 10 or 11 speed cassette so we can have sensibly priced “1x” drive trains?

    Agree with Sam, been holding out in the hope they would respond to XX1 but they have decided to take on GoPro instead of SRAM Thanks shimano

    Sam if shimano did 11 speed for mountain bikes I reckon they would launch with XTR level and about the same price tag, by the time they filter down SRAM will be there at the X9/X7 level.

    Apart from that the camera looks like a camera, not even bothered with the sample film as they are a waste of time for evaluation. Will see which shop in town goes a bit mad and orders one

    I don’t really understand this, GoPro is pretty rampant across a gazillion sports. Shimano are a respected name in cycling and errrrrrr…. fishing? Unless they bring out a low-priced version for commuters?

    Current xtr 10 speed cassettes, are available for about half the cost of a sram 11 speed. Combined with a crankset of your choice, could make it much more affordable, yes, even at xtr level.

    Be patient 11 speed xtr enthusiasts, your time is coming.

    The movie link looked very clear, like Hi Res. impressive it seems though I admit my experience with such items is non existent! Have we a price yet?

    The shape of it means it’ll lose to GoPro on mounting – chest mount will be a no no for starters


    Without UK distribution, pricing is up in the air. US pricing looks to be around $300, so it should be more than competitive.

    My understanding is that a significant portion of Madison’s business comes from Go Pro, so, as with the Garmin Virb we won’t be seeing this any time soon. At least not from Madison anyway.

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