Bluegrass Golden Eyes HES helmet now shipping

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The Enduro Helmet Onslaught continues

Bluegrass Golden Eyes Tiki
On holiday in Indonesia

As seen in our very own Fresh Goods Friday, Bluegrass’ Golden Eyes HES enduro-styled lid is now shipping.  Designed as a high-coverage, high-safety all-mountain helmet, the Golden Eyes is the brand’s first offering in the category.

The Golden Eyes’ Homothetic Embedded Skeleton (HES) construction partially embeds two shells into each other, reducing the weight of the helmet while increasing its ability to absorb shock.  The technique also allows Bluegrass’ designers new  [aesthetic?] “design opportunities.”

The helmet features a front Gel O2 pad borrowed from sister brand MET to keep sweat out of the eyes and the remaining pads are antimicrobial.  Straps are made of Kevlar for a bit of extra security.

Golden Eyes with green eyes
Golden Eyes with green eyes

Of course, no enduro all-mountain helmet would be complete without a motocross-style visor or goggle lock- and the Golden Eyes doesn’t [don’t?] disappoint. The Golden Eyes HES is available in two sizes and five colours from MET UK for £100.

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    Does is stop functioning on XC stuff?

    No, you do because your head explodes due to a ventilation shortage.

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