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Let the bike movie motivation flow…

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A project about mountain biking, adventure, personal growth and product development.

TRANSPYRENEES HARDSTYLE Episode 3: The Sacred Mount Canigó

In October 2013 I started the 1st big adventure of the project: cross the Pyrenees mountain range by an experimental way, mixing GR10, GR11, HRP routes, mountain bike parks, local enduro trails and climbing as many summits as possible. And I named it the TRANSPYRENEES HARDSTYLE, you will see why…
And here is the story, I hope to transmit to you all the joy I felt during this trip. Maybe it inspires something new in you, maybe it encourages you to start your own solo mission, … in that case please! let me to know!
And keep in mind, a solo mission, just starts solo, but the way is full of nice people!

Thanks for watching!


This summer we spent time in Europe shooting a series of videos and photos for ACRE / Mission Workshop. ACRE is a new mountain bike brand that our long time friends and clients over at Mission Workshop have launched this year and they really wanted to show the brand and doing RND work riding some of the most pristine and rugged terrain on earth, the European Alps.

Wander represents the photography work of Dan Barham and the new brand ACRE. While we rode in Switzerland and on the Trans Provence in the south of France, I captured riding video and interviews with the crew about the product, photography the riding and life in general.

Nostalgic: Paul Genovese

I was born and raised in the small valley town of Fernie, British Columbia. I started riding bikes at an early age and became addicted almost instantly. Even though I’ve spent the majority of my last few seasons traveling and riding unreal spots, I still find myself becoming homesick if I am away from my home turf for too long.

My idea for this video was to re-visit some classic Fernie zones and create some new features to get down on. When Mind Spark and Harookz said they were keen to come shoot, I knew it had to be the perfect Fernie experience. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and I got lucky on a couple bad crashes. Overall, it was one of the best weeks of my life.

The features shown took weeks of hard work from myself and my close friends Dylan Siggers and Matt Dennis – huge thanks to those two homies. Also I can’t thank Mind Spark and Harookz enough for their time!

Bluegrass 2013 DH season video recap

With 12 Bluegrass riders competing in the 2013 UCI Mountain Bike DH World Cup, our motto Combat Ready / Race Proven has never been so true. We would like to say a big thank you to all the members of the Bluegrass Factory Development DH Team for taking such an active part in the testing and development of our product range. From Australia: Tracey Hannah. From Canada Holly Feniak. From the UK : Lewis Buchanan, Fraser McGlone, Drew Carters, Bernard Kerr and Joe Connell. From Switzerland: Miriam Ruchti, Joel Andrey and Lars Peyer. From From France: Fabien Cousinié and Guillaume Cauvin.

Dancing in Maritime Alps (Trans-Provence guided tour 2013)

OTB crew on the go again! This year we visited France (again), Trans-Provence, guided tour with hotels. Breathtaking scenery, mind blowing singletrack, uphill challenges (every day), and the best people. And lets not forget baguettes. It was a huge trip, 6 days, 40 hours on bike, 220 kilometers!


For years now, we’ve seen and been inspired by mountain bike films and features from production companies such as Anthill Films, Red Bull Media, the Coastal Crew, Freeride Entertainment and many more. These folks have offered up some inspired filmmaking featuring world class talent and trails that belong on bucket lists everywhere.

And that’s what mountain bike movies are for, right? They inspire us to get on the trails and push ourselves and our bikes to the next level. They remind us that while fitness is great, style ain’t so bad either. They remind us that hard work plus a strong community pays off with inspiring trails and amazing riders. They are the pinnacle of expression on two wheels.

So why don’t we see projects of similar scope coming from the east coast? We’ve been waiting and waiting for these production companies to turn their attention to the diverse and beautiful terrain we all know we have. But it hasn’t happened, so we’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns and do it ourselves.

“From Where We Stand” is about showing the world just how much beauty can be found in unexpected places. It’s about the talent that comes from our rocky, rooty and gnarled terrain. It’s about the shared vision and hard work from riders who want to see better design and more trails. It’s about celebrating the green tunnel. It’s about a heaping helping of rocks with some flowy, hero dirt for dessert.

Yoel Loira Barros – DH Ribeira de Pena (Portugal)

Cloudy morning in the DH of Ribeira de Pena (Portugal) with the Galician champion Yoel Loira

Renthal Trail Proof : Fatbar Lite Carbon Handlebars

The Fatbar® Lite Carbon is designed for Trail, Enduro and XC riders and racers.

Neil Donoghue rips his new Fatbar Lite Carbon equipped Santa Cruz Bronson in this explosive video created by NinthCloud.

Film exclusively at Revolution Bike Park, Llanygog, Wales, UK. (revolutionbikepark.co.uk)

The 50 Year Trail ‘Tasty Sampler’

Located 15 miles north of Tucson, in the Santa Catalina Mountain foothills, the 50 Year Trail System has many different characteristics and aspects, making it a destination spot for many! Ride The Chutes, thread your way through the close vegetation of the Upper 50, ride the natural features of the High 50, roll The Gem, rip on Roller Coaster…all part of the 50 Year Trail System!

Bartbass Goodbike DH Team – Enduro test of the new SCOTT’s bike

Test of the new SCOOT’S bikes in Las Wolski in Cracow.

The Road to La Ruta

Anyone who’s been in a race knows that the rush of crossing the finish line is followed almost immediately by the sinking question “What’s next?” The longer the training leading up to the race, the more acute the question. So it wasn’t long after last year’s Road to Ironman series that we were already planning something bigger, inspired by a friendly reader inquiry from Mr. Dirk Shaw, a Senior Vice President at Ogilvy, husband, father of three and endurance cycling fanatic.

You may be familiar with Dirk, who has been contributing regularly to GP on the cycling beat for several months. Dirk was knee-deep in the growing sport of mountain biking when we met him, and was training for the Fool’s Gold 100-mile race in Dahlonega, GA, in September. This was meant to be the subject of our summer series. But amidst the excitement and spirit of one(self)-upsmanship, he ended up registered for La Ruta de Los Conquistadores, a coast-to-coast race mountain bike race in Costa Rica ranking among the hardest in the world: 193 miles. 5 mountain ranges. 23,000 feet of elevation gain.

Nearly a year after his training began Dirk called from Costa Rica, where he had just completed the final mission in The Road to La Ruta: the race itself. He explained how he’d learned to enjoy the process as much as the culminating event. Process over product. Wise words, Mr. Shaw.

But we also know that race day happens to be both process and product, when reason and reflection give way to adrenaline and ecstasy — or despair. Deep, raw despair that people in the industry call “injury”, “mechanical failure”, or simply “Did Not Finish”. Luckily, as Dirk’s grueling journey from coast to coast and peak to peak unfolded, we had someone on hand to document the epic highs and lows. Now we present the final chapter in the Road to La Ruta series, our film of the epic race.

Commuting Is Play – Winter Bicycle Waltz

#CommutingIsPlay | Ottawa Bicycle Lanes Project: bikelanes.ca

Skiing and Biking A-Line | Whistler Blackcomb

Last year Unofficial Whistler reporter Mason Mashon and friend Steven Matthews blasted off a quick top to bottom on A-line. Seven months later the brothers Cohn of Unofficial Whistler decided to do the same. This video shows the POV of both parties as they do a top to bottom A-Line run. Whistler Mountain.

What is Higher? Higher Unplugged Episode 1

In episode 1 of Jeremy Jones’ Higher Unplugged, Jeremy explains how his approach to exploring and riding mountains has evolved. No longer is he seeking out the iconic peaks, but rather focuses on exploring the “blank spots on the map,” making first descents in remote and uncharted zones. The Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy encapsulates Jeremy’s life as a snowboarder and captures the essence of snowboarding and Jeremy’s love for the mountains.

Higher Unplugged takes you behind the scenes of Jeremy Jones’ two-year snowboarding film, Higher. Jones has gathered friends old and new to pass the torch to the next generation of big mountain rippers. His crew for the film includes Bryan Iguchi, Luca Pandolfi, Lucas Merli, Ryland Bell, and others. With these friends, Jeremy leaves tracks on signature lines in the close-to-home playgrounds he’s made his own around Jackson Hole and Lake Tahoe. He also makes history with far-flung first descents in the Eastern Alaska Range and the Himalaya of Nepal, where the stakes are as high as the peaks themselves.

For the film trailer, as well as additional videos and stories stemming from Higher, check out the Higher film page here:tetongravity.com/films/jeremy-jones-higher/