Exposure Reflex Mk2

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You’re probably familiar with Exposure’s USP of self-contained lights with no extra battery packs or dangly bits – removing the hassle of organising yourself to night ride. The Reflex takes another leap beyond this and takes switching between modes while riding out of your hands, too. Somehow, ‘it knows’ how fast you’re going and adjusts the beam to suit – more light for faster trails, less for the slower ones where you can save some juice.

This in itself is a useful feature – it’s well executed and whatever it is telling the light how fast it’s moving is very responsive, as there were never any squinty moments. The beam pattern is clean, with a nice wide spread and deep throw. Where the Reflex goes overboard though is the sheer baffling number of modes available via the programmable settings. I never got to grips with them, even though there’s a chart etched onto the light body to remind you what they all do. The fuel gauge is the most useful I’ve ever seen, though – no Morse code to decipher here, you’re told what you have left in riding (or charging) time in real hours and minutes.

The Reflex may be what the future of bike lights looks like and there are bound to be a great many riders reading this who are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of all that technology being pressed into service for their night riding purposes, but I’m just not one of them.

Overall: The ultimate light for geeks. Very clever, but a bit much if all you want is simple plug-and-play.


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Product:Exposure Reflex Mk2.
From: USE, use1.com
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