Gemini Duo LED 1400 4-cell

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Ignore the Wall-E looks of the headlamp and look deeper and you’ll see that the Gemini has a lot more going for it than it appears. The system features a twin LED headlight with a soft rubber button on the back side, connected to a four-cell oblong battery. There are a couple of extras in the box, like an extension cable for mounting the battery on the seatpost, and there’s a helmet mount too.

Plugging in, you’re greeted with a soft green glow from the power button. This can be a little off-putting if you’re following a bike on a car roof rack with the lights connected, but it takes a negligible amount of battery power and when in use, it reassures you that you still have plenty of juice. The light attaches with a strong, simple O-ring and can pivot side to side.

That single button is the key to the system. Pressing it will get you into the low/medium/high cycle, but holding it in will put you into program mode, where you can customise the power of each mode. Want a 100% high beam (1400 lumens, three hours) and then 20% (280 lumens, 18 hours) and then 10% (140 lumens, 38 hours)? It’s yours.

The beam pattern is a large smooth spot, with a steady fall off to the sides, great for most trail uses, whether on the bars or a helmet (though there’s a cheaper two-cell version for that, or for ‘hard, fast and short-lived’ riders).

Overall: Simple to use, bombproof and yet easy to program to be as complicated as you’ll need.


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