AnaNichoola keeps ladies cosy for autumn and winter

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Just in time for the grotty months…

From a clever neck warmer to “the sexiest, top-spec, winter performance jacket on the market,” ladies’ clothing company AnaNichoola has just popped into our inbox with their autumn/winter 2013 collection.  Want to stand out while staying cosy in the dark and damp?  Step this way…

Ana NStarTights01
You’re a star!

A winterised version of AnaNichoola’s best-selling Star leggings, the Winter Star Tights are designed to be worn over your favourite padded shorts and/or under baggies.  Stitched from warm and breathable Italian ThermoRoubaix fabric, the tights should keep some serious chill at bay.  A gussetted crotch minimises seam interference and ankle zips make donning and doffing over shoes that much easier.  The signature rubberised stars and £55 price keep the style:cost ratio high.

Business in the front, party in the back.
Business in the front,
party all over.

Clearly excited about the £160 Snow Cat, AnaNichoola is calling their cool-weather jacket the sexiest, top-spec, winter performance jacket on the market.  With stretchy Wind-Block material at the chest and arms and breathable fleece Lycra everywhere else, the jacket aims to balance wind protection with temperature regulation.  The curvacious fabric paneling is designed to fit and suit the female form, with AnaNichoola reminding us that if you look and feel amazing, the riding will naturally follow. Who could argue with that logic?

AnaN SmugglerNeckWarmer
No more Ms. Drafty Neck.

One of the company’s first winter products, the Smuggler Neck Warmer is every bit as clever as it was in the beginning.  Italian-made ThermoRoubaix fabric makes another appearance here- and with good reason.  It’s warm and soft against bare skin.  The Smuggler can be pulled up to protect the chin and ears or down for a bit more ventilation.  The unique dropped shoulder/chest section tucks into the wearer’s jersey or jacket to keep cold winds from sneaking in.  Decoration comes in the form of embroidered circles and pricing in the form of a £20 note.

The collection also includes arm and ear warmers (separate pieces), a snuggly cardigan, cool-weather gloves, and even a commuter waterproof.  Find the full Style Your Ride line at

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