Monday Morning Debrief 44

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It’s seems we’re all supposed to be obsessed about Stormageddon™. We’ve got a media obsessed by ‘a bit of weather’. Does this highlight the increasing disconnect between normal life and nature?

Fog down
No distant horizons

As an increasingly indoor,man made, managed environment nation we appear to be starting to fear the natural. Seeing everything as a disruption of our lives, an unreal level of hardship, a barrier to everyday life just carrying on.

As mountain bikers we’re at least used to the feel of a bit of weather on our faces, used to just knuckling down and pedalling through the grime, used to the outdoors and its unpredictability. And it’s hard to believe there are people out there that think that this might seem something to overcome. People who aren’t used to getting cold, to getting wet, to getting dirty. They’re the people who think that riding a bike up and down a hill is some sort of extreme sport.

A bit of hardship is good for the soul, it provides a little reality check in our otherwise cosseted lives.

And with that I’m off out.

I’m heading out into the hills to ride, and get a bit of perspective.

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    I had a wonderful ride out yesterday around Calderdale’s trails with the family. Yes it was wet, yes it was breezy and yes it was gloopy. It’s almost November so get over it, get on it and get outside.

    To put the Northern MTB’er in context – I got up at 4:30 this morning to head to London for a meeting. I was on the train checking email at 05:45 only to find that the folks who live no more than 30 miles out were going to struggle to get into work and the meeting was cancelled.

    Home, cuppa, work – out later tonight on the bike to see what all the fuss was about.

    It highlights the disconnect between the popular media and real-life.

    At least one person has died and 220,000 homes without power. I think it probably rates a mention on the news.
    Pretty blowy here, but will be out to check on the trails later, see what’s happened.

    Again, shandy drinking southern pooftas without a bit of home comfort. It’s all over the news, well let me tel yer how it is up here! I was up before I went to bed to lick the Tarmac on the road etc etc etc can we have some news please? I have to work for a living and that is the only thing stopping me riding! Oh and the Missis. I forgot the boy, the boy too have to spend family time in other activities til he can ride. Did I mention work? Sad news that that girl died. ;0(

    Rode to work and back Sat/Sun. Monday I was out around the Ashdown Forest. There were about six trees down across the Forest Row old rail track on the half I did.

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