SRAM Seeking Electrical Engineer

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but what could they be working on?


If one wants to look into the future of the cycling industry (or any industry, really), it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on job postings.  After having a good look at where they feel things are headed, companies make moves to staff accordingly.  When SRAM’s posting for an Electrical Engineer popped up the other day on industry job board Malakye, our first thought was that the Chicago-based company was looking to join Shimano and Campagnolo in offering an electronic road group. But the posting drops a few more clues that makes us think that this individual could be working on the dirty side…

A candidate should be familiar with a number of typical EE responsibilities- but several others seem to have clear mountain bike applications.  Working knowledge of accelerometers (which can measure a bicycle’s movement in space) and hall effect sensors (which can measure shaft speed on a shock or the rotation of a crankset) suggest that the company may be looking to bring increased intelligence to their forks and shocks- not unlike what Lapierre has done using RockShox components for their 2014 e:i system.

Monarch with E:i
Monarch with E:i

The post also lists the design of “wireless battery-powered embedded systems” as a responsibility- something that brings to mind Magura’s eLect wireless lockout.  All this may come to nowt- not everything considered sees the light of day.  It’s also possible that the new hire could be tasked with building remotely controlled handlebar abuse testers.  That said, don’t be surprised if we see terrain-sensing (and possibly rider-sensing) suspension from RockShox before long.

Watch this space…

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    It’s bad enough keeping my rear light running through the wet winter, and remembering to change the rather expensive micro-batteries it requires. Electronic mountain bike? Do NOT want.

    A bit of integration based on an electronic XX1 and suspension control

    I should apply for that – i guess i’m sort’a qualified…perhaps?…..I used to be a vehicle mechanic, i then studied for an HND in electronic engineering, then a BSC in Mech Engineering , and i now work in a bike shop………..but then again it’s sram and i consider their stuff guff so i’ll not bother.

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