Throwback Thursday 4: Go granny, go!

by Tom Alker 1

Given the current weather conditions we thought we’d send this week’s Throwback Thursday back to issue 20 for a bit of a cool down. The wintery issue featured the amusing, confusing and frankly bizarre ‘Go granny, go!’ story, in which eight riders old enough to know better rode the Coast to Coast route in lilac lippy and frightening frocks.

Go Granny, Go!

140 miles from English coast to coast in the mid-winter in three days is hard enough – without having to worry about your dress getting caught in the spokes. Join the grannies as they ride across the land…

Go granny, go! One of the wonders of a living in a free country is that if you want to cycle coast to coast in the middle of winter dressed as a granny, then no one is going to stop you – in fact people might laugh and cheer. And if you’re doing it for charity, you might just get to raise a lot of money to help make some other people very happy.

Once upon a time seven old ladies and a killer dwarf cycled across the north of England to raise money for ‘Christies Against Cancer’. One of them had a very big nose, one had a very small mouth and another had very wonky eyes…


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First published in issue 20 of Singletrack Magazine in 2005.

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