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Another week of time trickles of the calendar, meaning it’s time for more Midweek Mini Movies to help dull the pain of the working week.

Tune in, brew up, skive off.  It’s time to open your eyes and visualise; it’s Midweek Mini Movies!

Fabien Barel Presents season 2 episode 2 – In the rain: riding Scotland with Joe Barnes

There’s something primal about riding remote, rocky, rainy terrain, and this is the setting for episode 2 of Fabien Barel Presents. He has journeyed to Scotland to find Joe Barnes for an experience in this harsh setting. Scotsmen must be hard and strong to survive, and it’s the same for MTB riding in that area, as we discover with Fab and Joe.

UK Bike Skills – Video Blog 2.4

The fourth video blog for this season, it’s been so long since the last one I forgot which number we are up to!
A bit different this time, some BMX from Adrenalin Alley in Corby with coach Mark Atkins.
Music by Sweatshop Union sweatshopunion.com

Fair City Enduro 2013 Promo

Fair City Enduro is a multi-stage mountain bike Enduro which starts and finishes in Scotland’s recently crowned city of Perth. The course consists of 4 timed stages on the best trails around, and contain everything that makes mountain biking so good here. Fair City Enduro also takes place on Halloween week, so get your fancy dress costumes out and let’s cause a scene!

Riders will enjoy brake-scorching descents, steep chutes, flowing singletrack and even a Forestry Commission built fun park on their way back to the city! Once riders have ridden the super fun forest stages they will complete a timed lap of The SMBC’s “Special Stage” in Perth. This is a bike skills loop – not a trials course – designed to be interesting and challenging but not impossible to complete for the average rider.

As well as the main race there are bike demo’s, a skills course, kids races, trade stands, a skate-park, a spectator shuttle bus from the city to the forest stages, good quality food and drink outlets and family friendly facilities.

Unique for a mountain bike event, all of this is within walking distance of several art galleries, theatres, cinema, pubs and restaurants, nightclubs, leisure facilities, some excellent shopping…the list goes on.

Oh yes, Fair City Enduro IS the mountain bike event you’ve been waiting for.

The Road from Karakol

In summer 2011, Outdoor Research athlete Kyle Dempster took off on his bike across Kyrgyzstan with a couple mostly-accurate maps, a trailer full of climbing gear, and a vocabulary of 10 Kyrgyz words. He spent two months pedaling and pushing the bike more than 1200 km on roads of variable states of neglect, wading through wild rivers, dealing with corrupt military checkpoint staff, and soloing a handful of unclimbed alpine rock and mixed routes. He recorded the journey, his camera his only partner, friend, and sometimes the only receiving end of his conversations for days at a time.

In 2013, Kyle’s self-shot footage of his journey in Kyrgyzstan made it to the desk of filmmakers Fitz Cahall and Austin Siadak, who were asked to look at the footage and see if there might be enough to chop together a 4-minute climbing film. They saw a lot more potential in it, and turned it into the 25-minute “The Road From Karakol,” which debuted at the 5Point Film Festival and took home the Best In Fest award.

The film premieres online today, and we hope it will inspire you to start dreaming up your next adventure.

Learn more about the film at http://www.theroadfromkarakol.com/

testing the new lapierre spicy my14_chatel

Like a Swiss knife, with one bike you can really do what you want!
Filmed by Matteo °Chiameteme° Lupidi

Ride.io Video sponsored by X-Fusion Suspension – BDS Round 4 Llangollen

Llangollen is one of the rider’s favourite tracks and its not hard to see why with massive steep and loamy turns. The track was getting battered over the weekend, meaning riders had to push just that right amount to stay on and get a winning time.

Gisburn Forest Skills with Ed Oxley Pt2

Part 2 of the series, this time Ed is talking us through hitting jumps.
After filming the opening of the new Gisburn Forest Hub with Guy Martin in torrential rain, it was a pleasure to return and film on the hottest day of the day.
Ed Oxley of great-rock.co.uk presents a series of 5 skills videos based at the new Skills Loop at Gisburn Forest. In the films we will cover basic tips and also more advanced moves.
Music: Katie Marie (funkeegirl.co.uk)


Behind The Bars – Nils Kemmann

Rider: Nils Kemmann
Video: Joel Thum

Dale Armstrong. Welcome to WeThePeople

West Yorkshires Dale Armstrong, killin it for his welcome to WeThePeople edit.
Filmed and Edited by Alex Crane.


SLC Tall Bike Joust

You can’t beat a bit of tall bike jousting

Chainless World Championships 2013


The London Cyclist

Onboard footage following a cyclist through the city of London. Video produced by: http://www.TomandSteve.co.uk


BSG BIKES makes handmade wooden bikes.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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