PressCamp 2013: Hutchinson Tyres

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Here’s what French tyre company Hutchinson has been up to. Nothing earth-shattering, but a quiet rounding out of its tyre line, and the introduction of a more trail-friendly Squale downhill tyre.

The Squale is its downhill tyre that it’s been developing along with its downhill team. The tyre now comes in a 2.3in size as well as the existing 2.5in size. For all Hutch tyres, tyres over 2.3in now has a triple compound, with 50a centre knobs and 42a outer knobs – but with firmer, 60a rubber underneath to support the knobs when cornering.


The Squale also has a textured surface for whatever extra grip it can give.


The Squale in knobby detail.

Hutchinson has rounded out its range of 27.5in treads with the  Cougar, the Toro, Cobra – adding the Python, Squale and more to the range.

The 27.5in line
How about sticking these treads on to your Dugasts? As used at the Olympics…



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