Monday Morning Debrief 28

by Dave Anderson 2

All the bike you need?

Two weeks travelling, living in hotel rooms and the back of a van, you need to have a plan. Mine was simple; pack a bike. A bike that could give moments of freedom sneaked in on various points on my travels.

Birmingham, Mid Wales and the Wyre Valley saw quick spins and explorations in a myriad of different singletrack flavours; from linking urban parks and canals through desire lines and shortcuts, through wild and empty hills and slate tracks to the woodsy taste of Wyre trails semi lost without a map or care where I was heading.

A short break at home before heading out to the Alps saw a bike swap from the trusty Highball to something with a bit more cushion and a different outlook on things.  A quick ride grabbed while the washing machine spins. A chance to keep the legs fresh ready for what’s coming.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Chatel for the Lapierre press  launch so it seemed only right to grab a bit of action on the Spicy 916 to get me in the right frame of mind. A bike that always blows me away with just how adaptable it is to whatever sort of ride you have in mind.

30lbs of six inch travel monster that’ll climb anything, descend anything and feel light and lively all the time your on it. Where I know I’ll give in long before the bike does. It’s probably not far off the weight of that first rigid bike I bought BITD when I started on this whole mountain bike trip.

If this is progress I like where it’s going, more of the same please…

Did you ride this weekend?

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(*Apologies to Patrick for the Instagram but someone nicked my camera at Mayhem)

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  1. I thought 26ers were dead?

  2. I’m not convinced you’re making the most of this retirement thing.

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