Fresh Goods Friday 145

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At last the weekend’s almost here and freedom is just around the corner. So let’s get a little bit closer with this week’s dollop of the good stuff to hit the doormat of ST Towers this week.

It’s Fresh Goods Friday!

BH Bikes Lynx 6 8.7 Alu

Lynx for men (and women)

BH Bikes have kindly sent in their snappily named Lynx 6 8.7 Alu for a bit of grinder testing. The bike comes equipped with 150mm Rockshox Sector up front and with it’s 66.5° head angle is aimed at ‘aggressive trail’. Stop and go is all Shimano, with an  XT/SLX/Deore 3×10 drivetrain and M505 brakes. finishing kit is largely BH Bikes own branded.

That split pivot in detail

The frame features a Dave Weagle designed split pivot floating suspension system  which “separates the acceleration forces from the braking forces caused by the suspension, thus reducing the excess compression of the suspension under acceleration -anti squat, and at the same time, reducing the excess compression resulting from the braking forces.”

Price: £2499.99

From: BH Bikes

Madison Breeze saddle

Bright and breezy?

The Breeze is a cro-mo railed 145mm wide saddle for women.

Price: £27.99

Shimano XT Trail SPD

Platforms for your feet

Dave’s heading out to Chatel next week for a bit of new Lapierre riding and Passportes du Soliel. He reckons the extra support of the XT Trail SPD’s integrated cage is going to come in useful. Expect feedback after the event.

Price: £79.99

M:Part XC Chain Guide

For all the single ringers (all the single ringers)

Ditched those extra chain rings and now need a guide? The M:Part XC chain guide is CNC’d aluminium and will work with 32t-42t rings

Price: £29.99

All From: Madison

Drink Tea Ride Bikes care package

What’s in the box?

Robin and Sam from Drink Tea Ride Bikes called in to show us their goods and tend to our every need.

Tea! Cake! and apples

They’ve been brewing up a plan (see what we did there?) to keep us all clothed and watered. Their special formulated tea mixes come in three flavours: Fresh Ride – a peppermint pick me up, Race Night – a camomile mix to calm those nerves and Bike Shop Brew – a flavoursome English tea, ideal pre or post bike ride.

Price: £5.99

Shifting Dirt and Spoon Fed Ltd T Shirts

More T’s vicar?

100% ethically sourced t shirts, hand printed in Yorkshire and limited to a run of 51 prints.

Price: £22.50

Tea Drop Ltd T Shirt

Brewed not to

100% ethically sourced t shirts, hand printed in Yorkshire and limited to a run of 51 prints.

Price: £22.50

The Sunday Epic Ltd T Shirt

No need to feel peaky

“Hand screen printed in Yorkshire and 100% ethically sourced to have a minimal impact on the environment. We love the land we live and ride bikes in, so we wanted to share a little love back.”

Price: £25.00

All From: Drink Tea Ride Bikes

Grasshopper Pots Spicy Noodles

A owl. Noodling.

Grace liked the oats so much she’s now chowing down on Grasshopper’s new spicy noodle range. Just add boling water to the hopper pot and you’re good to go, erm, eat.

Price: TBC

From: Grasshopper

Monkii Clip


The Monkii Clip allows a bottle cage to be mounted on frames with no cage bolts.

Price: £8.75

From: Cycle Miles

 Absolute Black SRAM Spiderless Chainring

Red ring, red ring

Absolute Black boast their spiderless chainrings are ‘reliable, extremely light and stiff’. Weighing in at 49g from a 30t and with chain tooth profiles optimised for chain retention we’re looking forward to putting them to the test.

Price: £47.99

From:Absolute Black

 Fractured Little Fingers

Return of the claw

Not a second generation irish punk band but the cost of thinking ‘that gap’ is wider than it actually is. Ad man Richard’s been sporting the white claw look in the office ever since.

Price: Of carelessness

From: NHS

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag


The original Timbuk2 messenger lives on, but now in a wider range of colours and fabrics.

Price: £TBC

Timbuk2 Q Laptop Bag

Join the Q

A backpack with a padded laptop compartment and easy swing around access for those airport security checks.

Price: £TBC

Timbuk2 OCD Cube

it’s all about the separates

For separating out the pre ride from the post ride gear on your travels. Sort it out!

Price: £TBC

Timbuk2 Bike Seat Packs

Packs for your bike seat
Mit tolls

Bombproof seat packs for minimalist riding.

Price: £TBC

Timbuk2 Bento Box Pack

Top tube snacking ahoy!

Easy access for snacks or essentials in a weatherproof package right there on your top tube.

Price: £TBC

 Timbuk2 Mission Wallet

Plush love for your smartphone

The Mission Wallet offers plush protection for your smartphone.

Cards and cash catered for.

While you giving you somewhere to stash your cards and cash. We like.

Price: £TBC

All From: Bradshaw Taylor

Garmin Edge 810

Now everyone can see you if you want

A touchscreen gps enabled bike computer that’s able to navigate, map and monitor your ride. The updated 810 now features live tracking via an iPhone or android app. All the data you’ll ever need to get that little bit better.

Price: £479.99

Garmin 510


A compact touchscreen gps enabled bike computer. The updated 510 also offers live tracking.

Price: £299.99

All From: Madison

Charge Scoop

One red saddle

Light, reliable and waterproof, the Charge Scoop is made of just three parts to keep everything simple and comfortable. Available with either cro-mo or ti rails.


You can read more here:

Price: £40 cro-mo/ £60 ti

From: Charge Bikes

 And last but not least, Jorji

Sim may have gone but we’ve a new Sim Art Director now, meet Jorji…

Jorji & Uska

Price: Less

From: Design Land

That’s it for this week, we’re outta here. See you Monday for the Debrief.

Go shred some gnar, yeah?




Comments (19)

    I’ve just stuck one of the absoluteblack chainrings on my 456! I’ve not got a clutch mech at the minute so I might run some minimal retention for now. They definitely look pimp.

    The Charge Scoop could be ideal for my winter bike; a saddle which is still wet and soggy from the previous ride is really annoying.

    That’s a decent selection of stuff!
    The M:Part XC Chain Guide looks like just what I need for my 1×9 as the chain keeps falling off….

    Sure i’ve seen that M:Part chain guide somewhere before:

    🙂 Got one on my CX and MTB – work superwell – highly recommended

    That M:Part chain guide also looks just like this one which is £13 cheaper!

    The Monkii Clip seems like almost the same thing as I got from Halfords for a bottle mount when I was about 10, only in plastic not metal.

    Jonnystorm careful that sort of comment isn’t allowed in the classifieds, let alone on fresh goods 😉

    810’s are a little flawed, but awesome. So many stats to analyse.

    Jorji is way hotter than Sim!

    I’m sure the suspension design is very clever, but but putting the shock in the firing line of the rear wheel, really?

    Nice clear cork boards around Jorji’s desk. How long will that last?

    Sim….’My name is Earl’

    Reference to eyes being shut not the mustache !

    Not that Sim has a mustache…Crap, this isn’t going well !

    Art Director with a single screen? Dual screen action for the modern office, surely.

    That chainguide looks identical to the one that came on my On-One Fatty. I don’t know how well they work as I immediately switched to 2×10.

    The Lynx bike actually looks like a can of their deodorant!
    Does it smell nice/cheap and tacky?

    are those t shirts printed in Yorkshire? I don’t think it’s been pointed out enough times…

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