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The high alpine wild flowers around Revelstoke are a sight to behold. For a couple of weeks, usually in late summer, they are at their brightest once all the snow has melted from the high peaks. I thought for sure I was going to miss them this year as I was away on assignment in Northern Canada for late July and early August, but when I got back they were in full bloom. The trail is called Keystone Standard Basin and is one of Revelstoke’s premier high alpine rides with some challenging technical sections mixed with fast and flowy portions of trail that lead to an old cabin.

Ryan Creary.

Riders: Nick Quinn and Nash Masson enjoying alpine meadow singletrack and technicolour flowers. Selkirk Mountains, Revelstoke, BC

What’s in Issue 81

9. Editorial.

Chipps channels his inner Spinal Tap in order to achieve marginal improvement.

10 /  The Big Feature: Poachers Turned Gamekeepers.

When your secret trails are discovered… you can either move on – or you can go legit.

22 / The Big Column: Benji Haworth

Benji’s just thrown away his hardtail. For good. And he’ll tell you why you need to as well.

24 / Jewel Of The Isle: Peaslake Village Stores

Home of the world-famous cheese straw. And near some tasty trails too.

26 / Stat Of The Art.

Which Singletrackworld.com viewers are on the organ transplant register, then?

28 / Column: Careless Talk Costs Rides.

Meerkat dispenses advice for marital bliss. Almost.

30 / UK Profile: Empire Cycles.

A UK-built bike company that isn’t afraid to do things differently. Very differently.

42 / International Travel: Sedona, Arizona.

Imagine a red rock Glastonbury, with conspiracy theorists and some world-class mountain biking. You’re about 20% of the way there. Sedona has it all.

54 / Stan the Man

An interview with one of the most influential designers of our time. Stan, of Stan’s NoTubes.

64 / Singletrack Style: The Core Collection.

Our new fashion guru runs through the clothing essentials you must have in your riding wardrobe.

70 / International Travel: New Zealand’s Fiordland. 

Alec Connon ignores the ‘Trail closed’ signs for an unforgettable adventure.

80 / Classic Ride: Borrowdale Bash.

This Lakeland loop is a true classic that every British mountain biker must ride.

96 / Through The Grinder.

Seven pages of shiny products made dull and scratchy by our all-weather test squad.

110 / Grouptest: Cross Country Race Brakes.

The lightest, pimpest race brakes available from Avid, Formula, Hope and Shimano.

116 / Bike Test: Two Grand Bikes.

How much bike do you get for £2,000? A lot – and in how many different ways? Bikes from Canyon, Norco and Specialized.

126 / Premier Listings

Got a Singletrack Subscriber card? Here’s your list of where you can get sweet discounts.

130 / We Just Work Here.

Who does what. Who to call and who helped us put the issue together.


Comments (22)

    It’s a teaser rather than the full contents. Rest assured the magazine will be as full as always.

    Realistically how many people are interested in someones jolly to Arizona? I’d prefer equal coverage of English, Welsh & Scottish UK trails myself. At least I could have a cat in hells chance at riding in the UK – every month is somewhere equally crazy. Just my 2p..

    ooh, look at the pretty flowers. Just in time for this weekend’s looong overdue sunshine.

    We do give equal and unequal (it’s pretty much always in favour of uk) bias to UK trails. Every issue has an overseas travel feature and at least one UK travel feature.. Usually 2.

    What Mark said.
    I figure that people read the stories about Ferraris in Top Gear Magazine as much as the Renault Clio reviews, even though it’s unlikely that they’ll get to drive the former. And, at this time of year, seeing pictures of dusty singletrack can be a good tonic after a winter of snow and murk.

    That cover may surpass my all time favourite which was issue 12….

    Personally i like the exotic travel articles, I was lucky enought to do a U.S. roadtrip (Inspired by a piece in an early singletrack issue) about ten years ago, two kids and a mortgage later and such trips are now just armchair travelling fantasy for when the euromillions win comes in, but I can dream….

    Could you to a trip to Reunion Island and report back please?

    Loving that cover photo!
    It’s good to see the rest of the world, especially for those of us that can’t afford to go there…it’s like an armchair travellers section.
    I’d like to see some more Southern England rides- we do have some hills here y’know.

    Hey, we’ve been to the South Downs and we were in the North Downs last issue! 😛
    There are more trips planned. Where is it you think we’re missing out on?

    What about Puddletown forest in Dorset? Loads of great trails there and scene developing.

    That looks like the HTN watersplash!!!

    Surely it can’t be true, there are places you can ride your bike and it’s dry and sunny!

    Is the front cover somethign from Jo B’s imagination made real, or what? I just need to see a sheep riding a bike……

    mind you trails in scotland and north of england are more ferrari or at least a big fancy range rover than clio , arn’t we lucky.

    is the borrowdale bash a trail center? can I ride my 160mm full suspension 29er round there, or will it be rocky?

    and so on.

    “That looks like the HTN watersplash!!!”


    Personally I think the foreign adventures are interesting and inspiring and is pretty well balanced with lots of UK classic rides etc. Please keep them coming.

    Why do I think the style overview is going to leave me with retina burn?

    “Surely it can’t be true, there are places you can ride your bike and it’s dry and sunny!”

    It’s just a myth perpetuated by an evil bike industry to sell “dry” weather gear 🙂

    When is it due to arrive?

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