Rab’s World: The 2014 Effect

by truls 3

You may well know I live in Glasgow. It’s something I mention on a regular basis and it’s something which I’m really quite happy about. Glasgow is a city which has a lot to shout about: it has all but shaken off the reputation from the tail end of the last century as rough and ready and is now known for sport and culture. With a metropolitan centre, great food and drink, and entertainment.

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Comments (3)

  1. Agreed, it is a great facility, loving the steep rock gardens, bedrock, doubles and tight as well as open berms. Let’s hope that the health and safety police don’t dumb it down at some point! Alan

  2. Watch out Alan, I said something similar on the Cathkin Braes thread and it was picked up on the FB page- over my dead body was the response!!

  3. Good article though! It’s great having this on our doorsteps instead of having to travel to other areas to ride good man-made trails. Architrail have done a great job.

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