Fresh Goods Friday 128

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It’s Friday, which means Fresh Goods. Here are the products that’ve been sent to us the last week as the couriers battle with the falling snow.

Scott Genius 710

We’ve had a Genius 720 in for a while, but this has now been replaced/upgraded with a brand-new Genius 710. This top-end beastie has XT all over, a Stealth Reverb post and still those in-betweeny 27.5in wheels.



This Genius 710 trail bike features a totally redesigned for 2013 carbon frame optimised for 27.5in, FOX 34 TALAS 650b fork and Shimano XT brakes. With the DT/Syncros TR 2.0 wheels and middle-size Nobby Nics on top of that, Scott claims this is “the ultimate trail bike”.



Internal cableness!


Despite Scott trying to get everyone to call the size '27.5in' it seems that some folks are set on 650B


Shiny XT shifting


Syncros finishing kit and a Reverb Stealth


The three position Traction Control switch will limit rear travel and lock out the fork for climbs.



Price: £4299.00

From: Scott

Trek Fuel EX 9.8

Trek Fuel playing in the snow.
Trek and Fox have collaborated on the DRCV forks and shocks.


That 'controversial' rear pivot around the rear axle


Rear shock just for Trek with 'bottomless' travel.



Trek claims this Fuel EX 9.8  sets the bar for mountain bike versitality. The OCLV Mountain Carbon frame and Rockshox Reverb Stealth seatpost are two of the main upgrades from the Fuel EX 9.7 version. It comes with a Fox Performance Series 32 Float w/DRCV fork and Bontrager Rhythm Elite Tubeless Ready 28-hole disc wheel system.

Price: £4000.00

From: Trek

Fox forks

We’ve had a delivery of Fox forks in – partly for an upcoming grouptest and partly because Fox wanted to make sure we don’t get all carried away with the longer, beefy forks and remember that many of its forks sold are regular XC jobs like the 32 CTD ones for 26in and 29in.

Three Fox Forx. 26in, 29in and 26in
The Factory CTD shock destined for Chipps' new Orange Gyro.


Fox' 36 TALAS allows two position adjustment for climbing and descending.


Fox' CTD dial gives three position damping for 'Climb', 'Trail' and 'Descend'.




Prices: F29 120 CTD adj £739
F120 CTD adj £729
160 TALAS RC2 £959
CTD Factory shock £329

From: Mojo

Cane Creek 40-Series

Cane Creek

The 40-series headset from Cane Creek offers durability and performance. Its parts are cross-compatible with the 10 and 110 series. With a bewildering choice of sizes these days, Cane Creek now offers a ‘Headset Fit Finder’ to help steer you towards the model number you need. Its here:

From: Cane Creek


Crazy Cane Creek track rims.

We tried to stop him, but Chipps seems intent on trying to build these 80mm deep New Old Stock carbon track rims into his ultimate cyclocross wheels…

Can you see the decals? From space?

It’s going to involve some bodging and at least one drill…


Shewee Extreme

If you don’t know what it is, then you probably don’t need it… But we managed to pick one up down at the Bike Show and it’s going to get tested ‘in the field’ as it were.


“All eventualities” are covered with this Shrewee Extreme. A longer length outlet pipe makes aiming easier, and it is available in Pink or the eyebrow-raisingly named Nato Green. “It has never been easier for women to urinate while standing without removing clothes.”

Look for a test in Grinder soon…

Price: £12.99

From: Shewee


And introducing Truls. Truls is the new Nathan and is here to help us once a week by helping to assemble Fresh Goods. Expect some witty Norwegian banter and a sharp eye for detail…

Limited Edition Truls. Natty cardi, model's own.


Comments (20)

    The “ultimate trail bike” with XT drivetrain and non-Kashima forks? At least they’ve finally ditched the pull shock…

    Perhapse their way of saying “”we think competing with a WR450f on price is a bit silly”

    How many bikes have been described as “The Ultimate Trail Bike”. Must be one of the worst cliches in mountain biking…

    Is it just me, or are the number of cables and the amount of handlebar furniture spiralling out of control on newer bikes?

    Forget the Shewee, surely £959 forks is taking the pi55?

    The Shewee is ‘going places’.

    A shewee test in grinder sounds so wrong…

    I reckon you could weave a nice basket with all those cables on the front of that Scott.

    That Trek is itchy to be tested in Northumberland.


    itching you stupid Mac

    I hate the plastic disc between cassette and wheel on that Trek. Are they trying to emulate the Dunlop or Reebok bikes sold in SportsDirect?

    Does ‘all eventualities’ mean no.2s as well?

    ” 1969pedalpusher said: On January 25, 2013

    I hate the plastic disc between cassette and wheel on that Trek. Are they trying to emulate the Dunlop or Reebok bikes sold in SportsDirect?”

    Think you’ll find nearly every bike sold has one of those fitted from new?

    MrOvershoot – it’s the opposite IME and never had one on any bike I’ve bought (‘cept aforementioned Reebok for the kids – the shame!). Sounds like an excuse to go “investigating” round bike shops though!

    Are there 7 cables from the bars of that Trek?

    I guess that’s:

    brakes x 2
    gears x 2
    fork lockout
    shock CTD

    Does my head in.

    my mate nath rode the genius and loved it

    “Scott claims this is “the ultimate trail bike”.”

    They also say that about the Genius 29er 🙂 Someone needs to look up the definition of “ultimate”. And possibly also “trail bike”.

    Whatever about ultimate trail bike – £4,000 for any trail bike is just silly money, who’s got that nowadays ??

    £2,000 is about the limit for any bike for me, and even that is so bloody expensive that I don’t admit it to non-bikers!!

    I know it must be hard to resist getting free rides on the shiny new top of the range bikes Singletrack, but how about being a bit more realistic and catering for you average readers and subscribers by reviewing the low / middle range Treks and Scotts etc. instead of always going for top of the range, most expenisive bikes every time?

    whoops I meant expensive there …lol

    Nicest looking Scott in ages! Shame they’re so hell bent on ramming that bloody annoying niche wheelsize down everyone’s throat…

    Loving Chipps’ NOS rims! I’m taking it he’s planning on flying his CX bike rather than riding it round any race courses, running rims that deep in a British winter! 🙂

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