Fresh Goods Friday 126

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Yay! The deluge of deliveries has returned. It’s Friday, it’s fresh and here’s the goods…

Ibis Hakkalügi Disc

Chipps cross

Weighing in under a claimed 1150g for even the largest size frame the Hakkalügi now comes with a model equipped for disc brakes (there’s still a canti version for you stick-in-the-muds). The carbon frame features 135mm dropouts so you can choose 29er wheelsets and spacing to allow a 38c tyre too. Pressfit BB and tapered headtube completes the modern spec and compliments the ENVE fork the frameset is equipped with.

Enve envy

Light, fast and lovely. Want!

Price: £1649.99

From: Ibis bikes

Charge Spoon Saddle

She likes a good spoon does our Claire, ahem..

The Charge Spoon is a lovely saddle available in a choice of colours. What’s that? It’s available as a free gift if you subscribe? Bargain.

Price: £24.99 (or free with a sub)

From: Charge Bikes

Pro Atherton DH components

*Contents may not help you huck

So you’ve watched 4×3 and now you need the gear to emulate your heroes? Help is at hand with this selection of Pro Atherton DH componentry. The saddle has Kevlar and hollow titanium rails, the stems are available in 30mm,50mm and 65mm lengths and are accompanied by a 31.8, 800mm, 20mm rise handlebar (or should that be handle gnar?)

Which one are you?

The bars feature handy cut points so you can choose which length you want accurately. Do you want them in Rachel, Dan or Gee?

They're going to make you a star

Atherton Stem: £89.99, Handlebar: £59.99, Saddle: £59.99, Grips:£19.99

Pro Vandeham FR Cockpit

A different idol

If the Athertons are too much to live up to, or you want a bit more FR than DH, how about a bit of Thomas Vanderham instead? Deck your cockpit out with a 31.8, 800mm, 20mm rise bar, 35mm,50mm, or 65mm stem and matching grips. There’s only one of Thomas though so you can either copy him or choose your own length.

Cut here

Vanderham Stem: £79.99, Grips: £19.99 and Handlebar: £59.99

All from: Madison

Lazer Oasiz Helmet

Not easy to miss

A nice bright helmet for plenty of pop in photoshoots or more likely videoshoots, given the integral GoPro mount on the top of the helmet. The Lazer Oasiz weighs in at 285g and features the Rollsys retention system and is plenty venty.

Price: £99

From: Saddleback

Giro Carbide shoes

Stealth slippers

The Carbide shoe is Giro’s recreational trail shoe that would also cope fine with entry level racing. A synthetic leather upper with three Velcro straps is accompanied by a grippy sole and an antimicrobial footbed that should stop them smelling after use.

Price: £79.99

From: Madison

Gloworm X1 LED light

Small and bright

Need a dinky light for your helmet? The Gloworm X1 features a Cree XML U3 emitter that throws out a claimed 850 lumens in a tiny package that weighs in at 58g. Waterproof and CNC machined from 6061 alloy with a two-cell battery that should see you right for 2hrs 15min on full beam.

Price: £120

From: CRG Moto

Bell Variant helmet

Pro tection

Claire’s modelling the lovely Bell Variant as she takes safety in the workplace seriously. Our model is the Matte Black/Bright Green colour combo and others are available. The skate-inspired helmet features Bell’s Twin Axis Gear retention system, VPV visor and lots of vents.

Price: £69.99

From: Madison

Niteye B20 light

It can see you...

The Niteye B-20 comes in red or black, comes with a two-year warranty for the light and a year for all other components, and it is available from

Price: £100


General Lee Cogs

In cog neato

Want bigger gears at the back for your 1x drivetrain without spending out on XX1? General Lee cogs replace the top end of a SRAM 1070 cassette giving you a 25/29/34/40 spread.

Price: €123

From: Leo’s wheels

Torq Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+

Torq torq

Intended for muscle repair after intense training sessions. A Hot Cocoa recovery product that’s intended to be drunk twice a day? We’re in!

Price: 500g for £22 / 1.5kg for £50

From: Torq

Right, that’s your lot. The weekend’s nearly here…



Comments (14)

    That Ibis is lush. Boo to the pressfit BB though.

    I use a Praxis PF converter on mine, works a treat.

    Very tempted by the X1, currently have the X2’s on the bar’s and they are fantastic! Could also do with a new spoon, shame I’m already a subscriber… 😉

    those Giro shoes look good and at a fairly reasonable price too esp as the Spesh BG Comps are now £100 and the BG Sports are £75.

    Busy totting up the value of my unnecessary organs/limbs I own that will generate the £1649.99 required for that Ibis frame. Bloody sexy

    “stems are available in 30mm”
    Does the bar almost sit against the steerer tube then? (0.325-0.4mm gap?)

    Probably a daft question, but would the General Lee cogs work with a Shimano cassette? Not that I can afford £100-odd for them!

    Hmm, i have all the bits I need for a cross bike. Except frame. And forks. If you’re tight for space and need someone to look after that Ibis…

    “you can choose which length you want accurately. Do you want them in Rachel, Dan or Gee?”

    Moderated: Inappropriate comment removed

    Everybody was thinking it, Northwind said it. Genius

    I guess the bars are all Al at that price? What are their weights?

    But will you need a XX1 rear mech to clear the 40 tooth sprocket? If so you’d still be looking at close to £500 for the mech and converter sprockets, though I suppose cheaper than whatever a full XX1 drivetrain would cost.

    £22 for 500g of fancy milk shake? You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Sports potions purveyors are like a mini version of the pharmaceutical industry, ie having a great big laugh, most if not all of the time. Do yourselves a favour, eat some proper food.

    @speaker2animals – The makers of the General Lee say that the Cassette will work with a normal Sram rear mech with some B screw adjustment, and Shimano rear mech – but not Shimano Cassettes ,I’m currently getting more info with the power of Google translate , which we’ll add to the story as it comes in ;]

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