Eurobike 2012: Matt’s View

by Chipps 10

Keep it simple stupid.

Well another Eurobike over and with it a similar feeling to a teenager in a post Christmas comedown: a bit bloated; liver is whining and a sense of it not living up to expectations , the ‘adults’ (the bike industry) have taken down the Xmas lights and decorations and have popped them away for next year.

Of course Eurobike isn’t like that – and if you’d never been before and were even remotely into bikes, you could run round giddily for a few days whirling in circles looking at all shiny new things you want – looking at things you don’t understand and finish off with the traditional look at the body-painted breasts of the Kelly girls (Assuming a whole load of things – that you have a preference for breasts and you’re that desperate for a cheap thrill) In fact, you could easily come away from Eurobike going; ‘AMAZING!’

Post Eurobike I was a little underwhelmed initially – what was there that was new? Well a wheel size was being touted left and right, with a balance of born-again zealots who really believe it’s better and others who just want some kind of affirmation that it’s the next big thing.

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Actually it wasn’t a bad Eurobike at all.


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  1. downloading the Fox IRD app now, can it be used to set the older shox and forks?

  2. No, it only works with 2013 shocks and forks that feature a QR code: the app reads that code to know exactly what model and tune the suspension is set to (bike makers get Fox to tweak the shocks to match their suspension action).

  3. Autosag, now that’s a smart idea for the majority of riders. But dropper posts = simplicity? Not buying that one.

  4. Well I for the app to work so at least I have a smart sag setter, the air pressures it suggest seem way off to how I have mine set.

  5. Just had a play and it wasn’t a million miles away, I wonder if we can persuade fox to release codes for earlier models?

  6. Simplification or dumbing down?

    A load of unnecessary gubbins to compensate for the fact that some people can’t be arsed to read a page of a manual.

    The reality is that the people who could be bothered to set their suspension up right will still do that.
    Those who couldn’t be arsed still won’t bother., no matter how ‘simplified’ and ‘improved’ the process has supposeldy become.

    I’d rather the money was spent on higher quality components rather than this stuff.

  7. 1 x 11, 1 x 10?…. Hmmm, I guess that depends on where the ride is; the thought of multiple shifts up or down to cope with an acute change of gradient in the trail isn’t exactly quick to do. Whereas a click on the LH shifter instantly affects the cadence. For example, even when looking ahead and seeing an upcoming short but steep rise, it’s often better to keep the power on until just before and then dropping down a front ring to whizz the legs up.

    If the majority of my riding was along the SDW for example, I can see plenty of reasons for a 1 x set-up

    Or mebbe I’ve been doing it all wrong all these years?

  8. Everything to do with
    people being just stupid
    or people buying on the internet?
    And what the fouck is a “trail” suspension setting?

  9. When did a proper low speed compression, predictable shock action and long service intervals go out of fashion?

    Having some CTD knob to twiddle with constantly is not simplification, and anway isn’t it just the same old propedal in a new package?

    Setting up sag is dead simple to start with, lugging around extra weight all the time on the shock because people can’t inflate a shock properly is just stupid.
    The Rock Shox “sag gradients” on the other hand, clever. They just simplify the setup without penalty in weight or complexity.

    As usual these “simplifications” come from Specialized/Fox, the usual inventors of new acronyms for the same old thing and repackaging of old technology in new marketing BS.

    And droppers with a middle setting as a novelty? The original GD has had a fixed middle setting for ages, and is still the most reliable post arount. Too bad people think it is too ugly.

  10. Well we have to understand these poor biking companies, users are bored of getting screwed over “novelties”, “fashions” and new incredilble stuff. So they must invent all sorts of useless tat to justify the horrendous amount of money they charge you.

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